Honda GX160 Crankcase Rebuild Assembly

Get the Honda GX160 Rebuild kit here

This is rebuilding the crankcase of the Honda GX160 motor. This assemble will be the same as the GX120,GX200 etc honda motors or honda motor clone engine. In this video we installed the bearing and seal in the crankcase, assembled new piston rings on the piston. installed the crankshaft and camshaft. It is very important that the timing marks align on both the crankshaft and camshaft. if not your engine won’t run and you’ll be doing this all over again. This is part one of rebuilding the Honda GX series motors so look at the playlist for more videos.

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6 thoughts on “Honda GX160 Crankcase Rebuild Assembly

  1. Thanks Jerry. Great video I just have a question is the rod torqued or just tightened? I am getting ready to do a generator and this video is coming right on time, thanks again for the info.

  2. Hey Jerry, hope your doing well after the surgery, and back on the trails soon.. You may already be, depending on the lag time of postings. Great video by the way. Camera angles and lighting was very good. I guess on a bench top job it is an easier task. I caught the ball joint video too, that also was great too. Your magnet camera base comes in handy. The small engine rebuild is cool for people to see how engines work and come together. Much simpler and cheaper than our cars… lol Hope you had a nice Easter weekend.. Take care man

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