24 thoughts on “Honda Harmony II HRT 216 SDA Carburetor Cleaning Lawn Mower Repair – Part II – March 27, 2013

  1. I got a HRX217tda honda. I cleaned up the carb and jets. Got it to start but the issue is the throttle. If set on fast (rabbit) it runs fine, when we I set it on med, it Revvs up and down. Dies when set on low. No clue what to do next. Any suggestions will help, thanks.

  2. My Honda Harmony is now working. Had it stored for two years until I saw this video. I did exactly as you showed in here and the lawnmower started right up. Thank you very much. Much appreciated.

  3. Hello Ovi, thanks for viewing and that’s excellent news. Your back in lawn cutting after it sat for 2 years glad this was helpful and very nice picture of yourself and baby on your channel as well. Take care!

  4. Hi AmericanConcrete thanks for viewing, there is several versions of this type carburetor. By chance does this one have a back out screw that locks that nozzle in place. It will need to be screwed all the way out to get it in properly. If not just make sure the nozzle is getting pushed all the way up into the carburetor where you can see the brass end showing in the air chamber. Also make sure that area is cleaned out as well where the nozzle goes you will get it!

  5. I have a Honda lawn mower with a very similar carburetor. Do you know what the gray lever is on the top rear of the carburetor? It looks like a manual hand adjustment for something.

  6. Hi Joel thanks for viewing! That is a limiter cap (idle mixture screw) if it’s the gray in cap looking lever you are referring to. Really should not have to do any adjustments to these carburetors everything is fixed unless yours is slightly different. So it’s RPM for idling that can be adjusted. Hope yours is in much better shape than this poor lawn mower.  For such a nice lawn mower it had not been taken care of looked like it was just left outside. Thanks again and take care!

  7. hi there . . . . I just watched this video because, I took mine apart. . . and I completely scrweed up on how to put the bars and springs together that were attached to the carb. and your video showed me how. I had mine rigged somehow that it was stuck on one speed, and what happened was. . . it ran like it was on steroids. and spun super fast. so I will take it apart and put the bars and springs together the way they are suppose to fit.. . . thank youf or the video my friend .. BLACKJACK '98

  8. Hi Shawn, thanks very much for viewing and subscribing as well! I certainly have had to go back and review video how to put something back together, it really comes in good. What seems so simple to take something off and take it all apart that’s easy! The challenge is getting all back together the way it was. Really glad you got that back running again and this video actually helped you. Hopefully your Honda is in much better condition than this one, you take care!

  9. I know this is an old video, but maybe you are still reading/responding to comments.  I am about to take apart the carb on my Honda Harmony II HRT216.  Do you use automotive carb cleaner, or something special for lawnmowers.  Also, any special item to clean out the orifices in the carb?  Thanks.

  10. Hi, I have this same model. But my throttle wire is completely pulled out, i can still adjust the speed, but it only works on rabbit (when wire is pulled all the way out). any idea on how to fix this and get the wire back properly installed? I'm still working on taking apart everything to get to the carburetor as well ( first time mechanic and this video is very helpful) 

  11. Hi I have a Honda gvc 160 engine on a craftsman deck I was wondering if anyone had a solution to my problem when I take off choke and put it to fast my engine just slows down and lacks of power

  12. This is one of the worst "how-to" videos I've seen. You pretty much showed the fact that you cleaned the carb, but not how. You skipped over all the intricate parts of getting the jets and needles out, how you cleaned them, and putting them back in. Also, did you buy a kit and replace all the gaskets, etc.?

  13. Thank you very much for taking the time to post. On your next video of carburetor cleaning it would be much more helpful if it didn't jump cut through the points most crucial to understanding the procedure. (I'm a novice).

  14. I have a hrm215, the Carburetor seems exactly identical to yours (like my other  "different" Honda mover), but all I need is a Choke Spring. Do you know where I can get just that spring. The mower works perfect in all respects. I borrowed the spring from the other mower, but I still need a spring regardless.

  15. Good day,

    I picked up one of this series of mower but with the cable controlled choke.

    I've carb cleaned (spray) the carb twice. Took everything apart I could. Even soaked it. The issue is as soon as I start to take the choke off more then ~20%, it struggles and dies quickly.

    Fuel from the tank is free flowing and fast (washed it out).

    Spark plug is new.

    Mower is pretty clean, looks like it was stored nicely.

    Air filter and box is off at this time for the tests.

    I'm just about out of ideas.

    Any thoughts? perhaps i'm missing an adjustment?

  16. I couldn't get the jet out of mine, found your video and got it out and cleaned and now it runs like new. Thanks…..You prob should have mentioned a bent piece of 12 gauge wire works good for reaching through the throat and pushing the emulsion tube down out the bottom of the carb……And you will need some fine wire to get those holes cleaned out in that jet and emulsion tube.

  17. I took the carb out like you did , it;s the exact same one with a slightly different bowl. the brass pieces in the tube with the jet holes. the first one had whit calcium looking stuff in it. no clue what it was but it was hard as a rock, I used a piece of coper wire and some wd 40 and about 30 min of being patient to get it where I could see day light through the hole when i held it up to the sky. i didn't even think of popping that longer piece out through the choke hole with a screwdriver, i thought it was pressed i and I didn't want to ruin the whole carb so I cleaned it the same was as the first piece while it was in the body of the carb and then I just shined a bright LED light in there to see it was clear.

    I gotta get some new bowl seals now looks like they dried up, they wont hold gas now. but! with a new plug in there it fires up on the first pull every time.

    found a wheel gear on eBay for a couple of bucks – mine was missing teh left side drive gear and I am making a new cable for the brake stop. should be next to perfect running order after that. not too shabby of a find I'd say,

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