7 thoughts on “Honda HRS21 Rebuild Part 1 – Exhaust Valve and Ring Install

  1. I hate lapping valves at the best of times but that is a PITA…I'd have been tempted to put the drill on the valve stem and spin it that way lol. Anyway, it looks like it's got some good compression now so good luck with the rest of the build.

  2. Looking forward to Part 2. Yeah, it's insane the prices they charge for this stuff. That's because they want you to get frustrated and buy brand new. And I was going to mention about staggering the ring gaps–you stole my thunder. lol

  3. good video the only thing i would of done also is me personally i didn't like how the connecting rod and piston looked but i didn't look at price parts so maybe it wasn't worth it. i would call this video a honda HRS21 overhaul before rebuild since the only thing you really did was re ring it hone it out and lap valves. parts were just rings. never the less just a critique but good video keep it up

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