11 thoughts on “Honda HRS21 Rebuild Part 2 – It Runs, Kinda

  1. That was one tiny O-ring. Yeah, a lot of the Honda's are like that. I have a Billygoat walk behind blower that has a Honda engine on it, and the same thing every part for the carburetor is sold separately instead of as a complete rebuild kit. I wound up just getting the gasket kit and cleaning the carb, luckily the cleaning was enough and the engine ran good. The carb on my Billygoat is metal. Is there any adjustments on that carb?

  2. The old exhaust valve was badly burnt so the new one would've need a lot of grinding to seat properly. I don't blame you for using the drill method to get a good seat, see what you get on a compression test after that. There's no harm using carb cleaner on the original carb…you may as well give it a try┬áif you're thinking about getting a new one anyway, you've got nothing to lose.

  3. I would pour a slight bit of fuel directly into the cylinder through the plug hole and then try to start it again. If it roars back to life for a few seconds, then I would point to carburation rather than tearing apart then engine again. If it sputters like it was doing on camera, then I would go back and look at the valves again. Just some ideas. Great video! -Nick.

  4. Definitely sounds like a carb issue, I had one of these and the choke shaft was broken off flush so the choke didn't work, when I sprayed carb cleaner to prime the engine it would run then die. I fixed the choke by drilling the shaft out and putting a piece of wire in it so the choke worked and it started and ran fine, these carbs are super picky for whatever reason.

  5. Good luck, curious to see what you find to be the problem. I wonder if trash got back into the carb or maybe just a linkage problem. Had a Murray this week that would run great without the air filter but choke out with air filter on. Turned out to be debris in the fuel pickup area.

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