Honda Lawn Mower Small Engine Governor Spring #16561-Z0L-000

This video provides step-by-step instructions for replacing the governor spring in Honda small engines, commonly found in Lawn Boy, Toro, MTD, and Cub Cadet lawn mowers, riding tractors, zero-turn radius mowers, wheeled edgers, pressure washers, and generators. The most common reason for replacing the governor spring is when it is broken or worn, causing the engine to not run at a constant speed.

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All of the information in this spring replacement video is applicable to the following brands: Honda, Lawn Boy, Toro, MTD, Cub Cadet

Tools used: snap ring pliers

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9 thoughts on “Honda Lawn Mower Small Engine Governor Spring #16561-Z0L-000

  1. I have this same Honda engine on a Troy Built mower. I'm having this issue where after a minute or two the engine goes into this oscillating fast fast slow effect. I see the governor arm moving back and forth. I tried to attach the spring to the inner most hole on the gov arm, but it just does the same thing with a faster rpm. Anyone have any clue what this could be?

  2. I'm having this issue on my 13 year old Honda HRX217HXA….I know it's not a carburetor issue because I just replaced it. I believe I need a new governor spring due to being so worn. I can order it on Amazon for about $10…we'll see if it fixes it. Everything is running great.

  3. so i have ahonda mower that I had hit a metal drainage pipe the blade went thru the thin metal pipe, so i pulled it out and started the mower back up and it idles very high and slightly shakes but when I engage the blade it stops and mows pefectly and idles great! so I assumed the main shaft was bent so i started the mower and turned it on its side and engaged the blade and it turns PERFECTLY and shows no signs of a bent shaft, any suggestions? should i check the govenor? would that get messed up by the blade going into a drain pipe? again it was very thin piece of metal

  4. I have a Cub mower with Honda engine and auto choke. It starts and runs great but if you shut it off it barely restarts. It idles really low and belches black smoke like the auto choke isnt working. If i push the choke plate open it runs fine again. Ireplaced the autochoke with a known good one and the problem remains!

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