38 Replies to “Honda Trail 70 CT70 Seat Recover & Muffler Repair”

  1. $725 isn't bad at all. The Cushman scooter show at Portland IN draws all kinds, and these are very popular. Yours would bring more than the seven and a quarter. Our campground doesn't allow these, that's why we have a golf cart.

  2. It's always something interesting with you Jonathan, no matter the project. Tip : don't. sit so far back on the seat next time you crack the throttle wide open. Like to see the video of it though. ha.

  3. My brother had a Honda CT 90 that ended up being my first motorcycle it had high and low range in low you had to be careful about the throttle great job with the seat cover how many miles are on it?

  4. The seat and exhaust turned out really nice. Those two little things made all the difference. Yeah, I thought $750 was a premium, but you got what you wanted and it's worth it to you. Besides that, who knows if it won't be worth $1500 someday,, right? :>) Thanks JW.

  5. forgot all about those , I remember having a couple of them as a kid ,   u got me to looking on e bay holy cow some r going for 3000  to 7000   ,  so I guess u got good deal id say

  6. Good job sir I wish I could have seen you ride in it LOL it probably would have been like when they used to teach bears to ride those little mini bikes except it would have been Carolina Sasquatch

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