49 thoughts on “Horizontal Briggs and Stratton 656CC 16hp opposed twin lives!

  1. @JcXtreme72 These engines are torque monsters. They may claim 16hp over all, but the torque ratings are easily double that. I'd love to see a video of your cart in action. Cheers!!

  2. Coolest engine Briggs ever made. I just found a pressure lubed pan for mine. There's a little BMW turbo going on it for our stupid fast tractor. lol

  3. @krawlr Wow……..now that's something I gotta see when you get it up and running. Be sure to shoot me a video of it bro!!

  4. @cameramonkey2 Thanks for the positive compliment! I have been asked numerous times to sell it and so far, since they're somewhat scarce, the offerings have not been in line with what I consider the value. Again…Thanks for the great comment!!

  5. I have one of these laying in my garage..It used to run a compressor I'm thinking of putting it in an enlarged minibike frame..Thoughts?

  6. @TechMaven I say GO FOR IT! That will make a seriously intimidating minibike!! Plus, with the right exhaust, they sound awesome too. Keep us posted on your progress!! Cheers!!

  7. @BillyRosinet Find an opposed horizontal shaft today. I'm just saying……it's much easier to find the Vs and single cylinders. People who have these horizontal opposed covet them, therefor they are not as readily available, therefor I call them rare. Not many argue their scarcity when you compare the abundance of Kohler opposed twins to availability of Briggs opposed horizontals. Just sayin. Maybe in your neck of the woods they are easily found. If so, I say stock up on them!!! Thanks Cheers!!

  8. i have one on a early 90's mtd 800 series GT. it is a good engine but i think the old kohler k series have on my cub cadet 147 is a better engine. the k series cannot be beat. either engine is produced better than the crap built today

  9. @ad356 I agree! Todays engines use 4 times the gas and have more useless crap on them than Dolly Parton has had face lifts! lol I like the old cast iron Kohlers. All except for the carbs that seem to always be worn out when ever one comes my way.

  10. hey there for this engine where is the safety that keeps the spark plugs from firing? have one of these got it all together and now it wont fire the plugs

  11. @juggaloringler You'll have to check the wires coming from the coil. There should be one wire coming from it and as long as it is not touching anything, the engine should fire. It's when that wire is touched to the engine that it will ground it self out and shut the engine off. Hope this helps! There are also wires for the charging system. Make sure none of the wires are touching any part of the engine. Only the coil kill wire touches the engine to kill the spark.

  12. @drgreendc If you over heated the stator/rotor of the charging system, the epoxy that covers the windings will liquify and then cause rubbing problems against the magnets under the flywheel that are also part of the alternator set up. See if you can rotate the engine by hand with the spark plugs out. If you feel a good bit of resistance then you should remove the stator and magnets and find a new set to install. There are many different types of charging systems available with these engines.

  13. Depending on which you have depends on how they are hooked into the charging system. Some must use a rectifier/regulator between the engines charging system and the battery and others are internally regulated and can be connected directly to the battery. Finding the type you have will then help you to know how it is to be hooked up. Best of luck!!

  14. @drgreendc You bet! I hope you get it sorted out and back up and running soon!! Typically, the two wire charging systems are the AC and the single wires are DC, BUT….there ARE exceptions to that rule, so it's always best to run the numbers through the Briggs web sight to make sure of what you're dealing with. Again, I hope you're back up and running soon!!! Cheers!

  15. I have that same engine in my 84 gilson.. its a good engine, she's just a little tired and smokes a bit… Fires right up on the first spin everytime though.. I'm building a stainless stack for it now though haha… I want to make the exhaust connect and come out one stack with one muffler…

  16. i got that same motor lol its goin in my cub, can you do a video on a sleeve hitch on one of your tractors? i am going to build one and would like to get a good look at one

  17. I bought a old Montgomery Ward today (for the engine) to repower the one I have…I searched Craigslist…Here in NC I was only able to find 3…One in Hickory in a Gilson…The guy said I could have for 125 being the rearend was bad…One I bought ($180) & the same guy has one more..He did throw in a sleeve hitch for my Allis Chalmers B-110, With a 16hp B&S. & I got a mowing deck for the Montgomery Ward..So my question is… Pricewize what is the value on these?

  18. ZippoVarga what do you think of the 19.5 hp opposed twin i/c turbo cooled briggs and stratton bottom shaft engine?

  19. They are decent engines but be aware of any hard starting. The engine has a pop off valve built in to lessen compression on start up and once the engine starts, the valve stays closed. The cam lobe and contact point of the pop off valve tend to wear out faster on the vertical Briggs twins than the horizontal due to different oiling dynamics. The best thing you can do to help prolong the life of the valve is to maintain good oil levels and change every 25 hours. Cheers!

  20. They're not real common. This engine was made in the 1980s and Briggs abandoned the opposed horizontal engines while continuing to make the vertical opposed twins well into the 1990s. I don't have actual numbers, but Onan and Kohler pretty much dominated the market with their opposed twins. I know this isn't a very good answer, but I don't see them often at all for sale.

  21. This is a simple question but what is that thing called at 1 minute in that you use to start the engine? It's a trigger but does it go to a solenoid and then to a battery? Do they make those as standalone units? I tried to find one on eBay but found nothing.

  22. I have a magnetron flat twin. I think it is a 15hp. What rpm are they rated at? This one came off a pressure washer and I can't find any ID tags. Thanks

  23. watching your 16 hp Opposed. I need to change the coil on mine. do you know where the model/type information is on these? thanks…

  24. Hi Doug, yes….one of the heat shields has the numbers stamped in the steel. Sometimes you have to hunt pretty good for it, but it's not stamped directly into the engine it self. Cheers!

  25. my dad use to work for a paving company, they had a opposed twin on one of their cement saws they ran it out of oil and now it's sitting under my workbench with two scored cylinders and a broken rod. can you still find parts for them things? also if i do get it fixed how hard is it to tune them so it sounds like that?

  26. Cast Iron Single, reliable and dependable. Ran mine for 12 streight days. I will take a Briggs before anything else, old school is best and newjacks take notice, cause old dogs/engines have serious bite and that goes for those who service/run them too.

  27.   I have an 18hp horizontal twin that has the ball bearing main bearings.
    It  only has 22 original hrs on it. Looks rough,from setting around,but I hope to use it on a garden tractor I just had given to me.

  28. What is the model number? Because I am working on an identical engine but need the model number to get the manuals off of the Briggs and Stratton site. Thanks

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