24 thoughts on “How a Briggs and Stratton Push Mower engine governor/throttle linkage is set up, and how it works.

  1. I am a female who is trying to fix her own mower. I own a Bolen's 3.5 push mower by Stratton Briggs. I did everything right as far as the carburetor goes, but I got off track when I had to put the parts back where they originally came from. Now I can't figure out which hole on my carburetor throttle lever that my linkage goes back into. As a result, my carburetor throttle lever won't move at all. Great video and thank you!

  2. Thanks so much for this video. I had a Tecumseh 3hp auger running slow, unless you leaned your chest onto it for some reason. I couldn't figure it out, how the air coming in the top could do anything to the fuel mixture…. This explains it.

  3. Dull-witted, here. What is the solid piece that is just to the left of the spring, please.  Mower was hard-starting without direct priming, so I finally checked the spring and in doing so, the tiniest bit of the end broke off.  So, I reattached the spring.  I thought my eardrums would explode.  Persisting in my stupidity, I ran the mower for 15 minutes, and I figure I'm lucky the blade didn't fly off or something equally horrendous. ( Grass height ordinance demanded attention today, at least in the front).  At least I stopped then, but I've probably hurt the engine.   Went out to buy a new spring – fat chance on a Sunday. Then I notice, finally, that that solid piece of metal isn't moving.  I stopped there, and found your video, but I don't understand what the solid piece is.   PS  There is no oil stick – just an open hole – Briggs site says to somehow stick a piece of cloth in the tiny hole to check the oil?)  Thank you.

  4. I've got the same engine on my mower, it has one wierd habit since the gastank screw went loose and i retightened it.

    Now it only runs full throttle, or if i push the throttle back, it turns off near the zero mark. any way to fix this?

  5. Okay, I've got a Briggs "300 Series"; it's one of these cheap modern ones that doesn't even have a throttle cable. It's been surging like crazy, barely keep running. I took the top off, and it doesn't have a air-flap thing like that. I can see a rod coming up from by the crankshaft, connected to a lever on the carb, operating the throttle valve. You can see it moving back and forth as the engine surges, but when you try to hold it in place, or open the throttle up manually, it still surges. It'll try to rev up when you open the throttle, but it'll keep cutting out, even when you hold the throttle totally still. I don't know what else to try other than emptying all the gas out and refilling it with brand new stuff. I've tried two different cans, put Sta-bil and dry-gas in, but maybe that wasn't enough?

  6. might be a dumb question but if the governor arm is broken or missing, could that be the cause for the motor not starting ,or does the vane just matter after the engine is running?

  7. I have the exact same carburetor as you. I have a problem, the choke always stay on. The mower start instantly, but with the choke on, i will not last long. If i put a screwdriver and open the choke manually, the engine revs up and everything is ok. What can i do?

  8. okay so I have a Briggs I use for my go Kart, its just a one screw adjustment that slows or raises rpm's. is my main goal to get the lowest rpms without it turning off ? what should I set it to

  9. I got a briggs and stratton 3hp engine like yours. I want to make a gokart engine out of it with a throttle grip. How to i do that? ;D Can someone help me out! 😉 ????

  10. Good evening, I have a Briggs and Stratton Quatume 5.5 Murray that the carburator butter fly is wide open. I've moved and push everything on the lawn mower but no luck on closing it. I just completed a tune up and cleaned out the carburator. I am not sure what to do next or what the issue may be. Any help is appreciated. Thank you
    Eddie from California.

  11. hi, can u tell me : can i convert my old chokomatic 3.0 hp to the newer red primer bulb type? i have a seized briggs classic engine with the newer primer set up so i have all the bits to try. i luv my old briggs but it's a pain to start from cold (shud be called ''hernia-o-matic!'') & i'v always found the plunger type carb easier to start. thanks from Ireland. oh & what shud the rpm's be …. seems most vids say 3100-ish rpm ?

  12. Thank you for this video. I'm going to cut the spring to add some tension because my lawn mower is surging up and down in rpms, even under load and i'm fairly certain it's because of the spring tension.

  13. I have one of the engines. But when, when I pull the throttle to put it in stop, the engine continues running and won't stop. I can see it's all fully connected and when pulling the throttle lever up and down the governor tightens and loosens.. Help?

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