How a Diesel Injector Pump works CAV DPA Build Part 1

Rebuilding a diesel injection pump can be intimidating, but these CAV DPA rotary injection pumps are very doable with a good kit and some good video instruction. This is Part 1. It’s about like playing with a fidget spinner once you know what to expect.

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25 thoughts on “How a Diesel Injector Pump works CAV DPA Build Part 1

  1. I have similar pump but I'm getting tremendous pressure returning back to fuel tank that it blows fuel out the breather hole in the tank cap or it blows apart the return lines from on top of the intectors

  2. great video, have a question, if i lost my governor spring settings and have no markings that id them where do i start? I took an educated guess and it does crank and run but does not fell like full throttle and it will shut off at half throttle with the fuel advance lever not using the shut off pull. which way to go? or change to set spring right?

  3. make sure you take apart on dirty work bench and floor. Then put together with cigarette ashes in it.
    Then send to me to rebuild .
    Must be clean clean work area!
    I see you know that. Excellent work thanks!

  4. Magnífico video! Bravo!!!
    Una pregunta: la bomba del video se diferencia en algo con las bombas CAV que usan los viejos land rover series??

  5. Good morning dear I have a tractor mf 165 engine Perkins 4.203 The diesel pump was damaged There is a part of it (cam ring) I want to replace it and I do not know the code. Can you write me the original number. I live in a war zone where there is no service

  6. Video excelente, gostaria de um video instalando Bomba Delphi 210 na bancada para teste pricipalmente a intalação do medidor de avanço, medição de pressão, solenoite etc.

  7. Man you do a great job describing things and great editing too…i really need your help,im gathering info on rebuilding a dc style roosa master which if i understand correctly the cav was designed after, could you please help? Its a little more complicated cuz it has 4 rollers and pistons…

  8. My Cav is similar (JD5300) with the shutoff solenoid instead of the internal kill valve. I can not get mine to prime. when I try to prime it the manual lifter pump works for a bit and then gets too much resistance. I took out the solenoid and fuel gushed out from that place. I was able to remove the plunger shaft from inside the solenoid and reinstall it but still can not pump it to prime. I am wondering if you had any suggestions- thanks

    Is it possible that this IP has a backflow valve at the return outlet? at the arrow in this screenshot :

  9. Even if I can't use the information about the item your explaining, I come here for the enjoyable editing! Your videos are easy to watch and I end up learning something anyway.

  10. You hear folks go on about Diesels being so much simpler on account of no ignition systems. Ever notice how those same folks never acknowledge the existence of injection pumps? Diesels always have me thinking 'stinky Rube Goldberg[1] device'. (Unless one's a run away, then I'm thinking stinky dangerous/treacherous Rube Goldberg device…)
    [1] For those under 60, see Wikipedia.

  11. Hey, wow. great information!! I've driven CAV pumps over the years in the old days. I've wanted to know how the inner workings of the pump! I have many questions to ask, but don't know where to start lol. I'll start with one, how is the governor is powered by? spring, amount of fuel?

  12. brian pleSE PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE WOULD YOU DO A REBUILD ON A BOSCH VE TYPE PUMP as a little sideline project maybe – I am in the uk – been an avid watcher for years, keep up the good work – you are far more meticulous than I am – commendable dude!

  13. have ? on tuff torq k40. new o/h kit installed. goes for & rev aok. when stopped in neutral free wheels. tuff t tech says put in wire mesh filter in ids valve not on orifice. i think should be on orifice. any thoughts ? i also have a mf 1100 with cav dpa pump. so keep em coming. my email is not big in twitter

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