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In this quick video I give a brief description on how a stator works. I also show you how to test it using a multimeter use ohms.

I did for get to mention the process the stator uses.Depending on the configuration of a spinning electromotive device the stator may act as the field magnet, interacting with the armature to create motion, or it may act as the armature, receiving its influence from moving field coils on the rotor. The first DC generators (known as dynamos) and DC motors put the field coils on the stator, and the power generation or motive reaction coils on the rotor. This is necessary because a continuously moving power switch known as the commutator is needed to keep the field correctly aligned across the spinning rotor. The commutator must become larger and more robust as the current increases.

Stator winding of a generator at a hydroelectric power station.
The stator of these devices may be either a permanent magnet or an electromagnet. Where the stator is an electromagnet, the coil which energizes it is known as the field coil or field winding.

The coil can be either copper or aluminum. To reduce load losses in motors, manufacturers invariably use copper as the conducting material in windings.[1][2] (For more information, see: Copper in energy efficient motors). Aluminum, because of its lower electrical conductivity, may be an alternate material in fractional horsepower motors, especially when the motors are used for very short durations.

An AC alternator is able to produce power across multiple high-current power generation coils connected in parallel, eliminating the need for the commutator. Placing the field coils on the rotor allows for an inexpensive slip ring mechanism to transfer high-voltage, low current power to the rotating field coil.

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  1. dude explain to me ,my dirtbike stator .it only powers cdi ignition.and if i want to hookup lights to it how do ago about it,preferably dc!so stator to my ignition coil is ac,then the lighting coil from stator to regulator rectifier to capacitor to led.i dont need battery cause its a kick start only,plus dont want extra weight!now could you kindly explain the wiring in layman terms!

  2. I was using a heavy chain hoist to work underneath my lawn tractor. I let that tractor down and was working on my other tractor that had the shroud cover removed. So the chain fall was behind this tractor. I pulled the tractor backwards so to have the chain fall slide over and clear the tractor. Like a fool I did not consider that it would hit the motor which at the time was running. The heavy hook hit the flywheel coil magnet which sheared the magnet off leaving the aluminum studs, that hold the magnet on, broken off even with the flywheel. So instead of trying to drill the screw threads out I had a used 19 hp Kohler with a good flywheel that was working when it was set up and this one was a 18 hp Kholer. So I took the flywheel off the 19 hp and put it on the 18 hp. I did not try to start it until the next day. The next day the good battery was completely drained down, and the starter gear was up and engaged with the flywheel. I figured it must have been pulled up and stuck when I had pulled the flywheel off and didn't notice it when putting the other one on. After getting the gear down and charging the battery the motor turned over but seems to have no fire. The flywheels were the same height and width but a little different in the shape/contours on the top surface. The keyways seem to be in the same position. All I can figure is that maybe the stator on these motors are different diameters and the inner circle/magnets are different in diameter  so maybe I have to take the flywheel back off and use the stator off the 19 with the flywheel off the 19 when putting it on the 18. My question is does a stator cause the battery to run down over night if it is too close to the inner magnets, or do you think I just had an open circuit due to the starter gears being engaged with the flywheel. I can't remember but maybe I left the key on. 67 years old and mind is slipping. I should have measured the inside diameter of the flywheels and the outside diameter of the stators to make sure. But I assumed they would interchange.


  4. I have a 95 two cylinder two stroke. .runs fine on idle but bogs down when giving it gas…entire fuel system and lines have been replaced. ..need help

  5. At3.30. You say which is good.. What is good?? I know but the people watching with me to explain the sator were saying how is zero good after I pointed it out. Now a days is difficult to explain things to thr braaenn ddeaad masses. Great job you did. Can you give me a common sense video on how to use this ph/internet like you? Seems to me no realizes it takes 3steps in any device worship were we use to only take1. Thanks..Info just what I wanted.

  6. Resistance (ohms) is tested in parallel the same way voltage is. Amperage is what you cannot test in parallel to your wiring/load or you'll toast ur meter fuse.

  7. When you checked the resistance from the terminal to the metal base, you said that you shouldn't read any type of voltage. I think you meant to say any type of resistance. If your measurement is saying OL then this means that there is no continuity between your terminal and the base which is what you want.

  8. hi can you put a different stator on a motorcyle?coz mine was really expensive i found a stator on ebay which is cheaper same number of poles and wiring attachment the problem is it has different holes to put the screws it it..

  9. Nice , was helpfull…..My motorcycle battery is charging v slow, its a new battery, new rectifier … should I have to change the dynamo unit u showed in the video?? And does the new dynamo comes with the magnets also , or only the coils??

  10. so is a regulator rectifier a inverter from ac to dc? and it's also a transistor and such, why can't cars just use power though coils to cause thrust? instead of petrol propelling use ccw coils and lightening powered? flywheels in series with bigger capacitors and massive rectifiers?

  11. how do i know which wire is positive and which one is negative. since both wires are coming from stator copper coil. it suppose to be three wires from stator.

  12. On a 90 hp Force outboard motor if the stator is bad could it stop the motor from running even if all 3 spark plug wires have strong blue spark ?

  13. i cant believe how many likes this video has! Your reading doesnt have to be zero for it to be good! You are measuring resistance, you can touch the two leads from your multimeter together and they will have resistance on their own! This video is not really helpful at all.

  14. Question ? I removed my flywheel from my Massey Ferguson 10 with a Tecumseh engine tonight trying to figure out why it's not getting a spark. My flywheel has two pins that passes under the coil. After replacing the coil and still not getting a spark i thought the problem may be the flywheel magnets because i could not detect any magnetic pulls on the firing pins of the fly wheel. what might I be over looking ? My magnets are encased in a solid aluminium ring that surround the stator . most flywheels have magnets on the outer rim but mines does not. Thank in advance for assisting

  15. What happens if yours doesn't have a regulator? I just took the flywheel off of my mothers Scotts S2046 with a Briggs and Stratton Model #406777 Type: 0115 E1 because it's always had a problem keeping the batteries charged and noticed that there is no regulator just a diode in one of the wires. The stator and the underside of the flywheel were both pretty fouled up with dirt and grass. Is it possible to add a regulator to it myself and is there somewhere I can get a better quality stator for this because the one that is on here seems pretty cheaply made.

  16. That other video was put out on replacement of the Stator was put out or posted here on YouTube by by Repair Clinic. One other point you might mention to clarify the purpose of the Stator which may help the average homeowner better understand the design and purpose is that it is in effect an alternator for the lawnmower similar to a car.

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