How A Wisconsin Engine Governor Works

Ever since i took this engine apart years ago, and saw how this works, i was really amazed with it. its so simple, yet such a good idea. and an integral part of pretty much any Work based small engine.
Just thought i’d share how this thing works with you guys. I’m sure alot of you already know how these work.

Also i hope to be able to help anybody who has bought a bolens or anything with a single cylinder wisconsin engine where someone has tried to tweek the governor, trying to get more speed or power out of it, and in the process screwed up the adjustment, and messed up how it works.
So if anyone has a problem where it doesn’t add throttle when the rpm’s drop due to load, or it just keeps revving higher and higher, then thats probably the issue. And it can be re set to the proper adjustment.



13 thoughts on “How A Wisconsin Engine Governor Works

  1. Could you please send information on how to set Govener on a TRA 10 D Start to Finish? the linkage was accidently moved now my motor is not running well at all. Thanks for your time

  2. Could you tell me if the TRA 10 D push pin for the points can be pulled out from the outside or do you have to tear down motor ? Reason , my TRA -10 D push pin will push out but not return , i can manually push the pin back in . this in turn keeps points open 🙁 Any quick fix for this ? Thanks for your time

  3. @tommartyn same principal, different parts. The briggs used plastic gears and metal weights, that would fly out and force the lever for the carb. Def. different parts.

  4. no problem you have to bleed the inlet of air or it will chug for awhile and thats BAD! its called cavitation, its when air implodes when it goes from no pressure to high pressure in fluid. what brand pump is it?

  5. @tommartyn im a tech for a hydraulic company, service and repair. mostly pumps and motors for execavators. i rebuilt almost every thing under the sun……

  6. @tommartyn thanks man there was a blown head gasket and a monster trench melted in the head, my buddy tig welded it, filled it in and i put rings and valve guides in it. now no spark…damn it so what do you do for work

  7. @tommartyn right i lost spark uve tryed every thing i can without pulling it out so thats next. im going to remove the groung wire from the ignition and may see some spark, wish me luck hey have you looked at my vids?

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