32 thoughts on “How electrical system is wired for Briggs and Stratton

  1. Really enjoyed your video on the wiring of the Briggs & Stratton, just what I have been looking for. I would like to have you send me a copy of the wiring diagram so I can finish fixing my Lawn mower. . Thank You very much, well done.

  2. JHx86, if you have a link to the wiring diagram would you mid sending it or put it on this site, I really can't see the names on the components. Thank you a bunch

  3. jhx86 dose it matter about the wire if it is still having dc12 volts going though it than can you use like speaker wire, if you able to you that for the head lights

  4. If I never see another of those Swiffer sweeper commercials with those stupid Tobins and their ridiculous Tobin stance again it would be to soon

  5. One of the worst videos I have ever watched, your talking with the camera point to something different. You start explain something and then jump to something else !!!Very slowly, follow thru from one connection to the other, do it, run the dam wire where it has to go and finished it off. You know what your doing, BUT you are supposed to be showing someone.

  6. This has potential, but several times for instance, you would say, " this black wire runs back…turn the key on and …. Someone cold make a fortune making a colored wiring guide for alot of different things. Please use better lighting

  7. This guy MAY know what he's talking about, but he interrupts himself all the time, making it very hard or impossible to follow what he means. All the camera motion adds nothing but a blur of fast moving color. "This wire right here" if often not on camera at all.

    Why not take the time to figure what the heck you are going to say before you start recording?

  8. Hey: this is great of ya'll too share n ur knowledge electronically.
    It's very helpful and saves a lot of money.
    I have been watch n for a month or so.
    Now I have a Poulan Pro that I put a Briggs apposed twin in it, ur videos are help n a lot.
    Proud of ya'll!! keep it up. Sid

  9. I have a simplicity coronet 12 with no crank with the key if I jump the two terminals it cranks and starts. I replaced the solonoid and checked the battery they are bolth good I also found a bad blade pto clutch is bad. Could that cause the no crank? Please help

  10. Don't be put off by the critics. I learned a couple of things that will help me track down my problem. Everybody, including me, wants to get a copy of the detailed wiring diagram. The ones I see at parts places on the internet aren't any help. If you could tell us where to get that diagram, it would be most helpful. Thanks for the video.

  11. my craftman dies over night new battery new starter
    and has a miss on idel and headlights dem really low would it be a bad alt or ign switch

  12. Great job explaining the BASIC functions of the lawnmower wiring system. I couldn't find ANY information on what wires do what. I didn't want to hook up the wires wrong, and this was a perfect reference. Thanks again!

  13. Here's one for ya I am working on a Statesman ( MTD ? )46" with a 18 HP
    intek briggs & stratton.
    I was originally troubleshooting why when you engage the blade the
    mower would backfire through the carb and cut off.
    Obviously I burnt something up as I was having to start the mower with a
    battery charger on the quick start function and the last time I shut it
    off with the key I saw smoke come out from under the flywheel cover,
    that was the diodes in the kill wire frying, I replaced that now I have no
    spark, the engine turns over fine with a good battery, both coils
    measure 4.5 ohms, I re gapped the coils to .004, all of the switches
    tested fine, the diode on the stator is not burnt looking, WHAT AM I

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