20 thoughts on “HOW I Made my SHOP TABLE for Small Engine Repair

  1. You are an amazing person! It cracked me up when I saw you use a chain saw to cut the bench top to size. I'd love to see what you use to carve a turkey?? LOL! Couldn't you have used a power hand saw? It would make a neater cut and you wouldn't have to drag that big, heavy beast outside.

    I love your videos! Keep it up.

  2. Hello Donyboy

    I've been secretly stalking your videos for quite some time and thought it's time to speak up. This video is definitely my favourite when it comes to building something for your shop. I'm pleased to see that you are willing to go through the trouble of building a proper worktop and painting it. I too like to see when a nice table comes together, for there's one thing I'm sure of – one day I'll have one just like yours.

    Hope yours lasts for a long time

    Greetings from tiny Estonia

  3. Great minds think alike! I'm planning to put wheels on my table as well! What height did you go with? I'm tall so I'm thinking around 42-44" tall… The lumber looks fabulous! I have friends in Maine who own a mill… Sadly I won't be able to get up to see them for the stock… Thanks for this video!

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