How Mechanical Governor Adjust Fuel Supply for Controlling Engine RPM | Wattmen Governor Working

This video will guide you, how an engine RPM make constant at variable load. This video will also guide that how a petrol engine governor works and how to fix it with engine. Diesel engine generator governors are sometimes referred to as the speed controller for the diesel engine. The diesel engine must maintain a per-determined speed to maintain generator output specifications. If the engine speed is not correct the generator will not give / maintain the required output specifications. The governor system is a control system in an automobile. It maintains the speed of power products / engines. When engine governors are adjusted properly, they keep your engine speed/RPM steady regardless of engine load (the amount of work the engine must perform).
When powering a generator, engine load can be affected by drawing of current in various equipment. Without a governor, you would need to adjust the throttle manually each time your engine at various load. A governor does the job for you by detecting changes in the load and adjusting the throttle to compensate. Your small engine contains either a mechanical governor or an electronic governor. The main difference between the three is how they detect speed. This video also guide how we can fix a governor in petrol engine to control engine RPM at variable load. This article will explore the different types of governors equipped on diesel generator sets. Governors can be divided into two basic groups:
• Mechanical/Electrical Control – Older generator sets utilize these control systems. Fuel system is controlled by mechanical governor.
• Electronic Control – Newer generator sets use an electronic control system. This system interfaces and controls engine and generator control functions to provide a constant, reliable power source.
Mechanical/Electrical Control – Mechanical/Electrical Control systems were the first control systems introduced by generator manufacturers. This interfaced mechanical engine control functions with generator electrical load needs. Many generator control systems are available; all operate under the same design principles. A Woodward Control System is featured below:

• Woodward Governor – Engine speed is mechanically controlled by centrifugal governor. Governor receives analog input signals from controller.
• Speed Sensor – Magnetic sensor that supplies information to the Woodward controller.
• Woodward 2301A Controller – Receives signals from speed sensor and transmits signals to governor and external customer supplied switch boards.



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