How Small Engine Governors Work (any governor setup)

In depth video on how governors work on small engines, a 12 horsepower Briggs and Stratton is shown as a example, but the principal is the same on any engine with a governor, even the old steam engines, they all work basically the same. Thanks for Watching!!!



22 thoughts on “How Small Engine Governors Work (any governor setup)

  1. thank you so much for making such a simple video. It seems people online try to sound smart by skipping all of the redundant info, but you have just diagnosed my over revving issue. is seems the spring that held the motor at idle is all worn out and it shoots all the way up eveytime I start it

  2. Thanks for the video! My riding mower has been surging and I replaced the carburetor since cleaning the old one didn't help any. After I installed it and fired it up the rev kept climbing so I shut it off and checked my governor external adjustment. All good. Then I had to take it apart and found the governor inside was broke. I wonder is this is what was causing the surging problems. Maybe it was partially working? Anyway when my crankcase gasket comes in I can put it together and try it out. I have a briggs 22hp intek vtwin.

  3. Just bought my first riding mower. It's a used mower and your videos have been a godsend! I haven't started mine yet. Is there anything you would recomend checking before starting an engine that is used?

  4. ive got a question i might sound stupud but i just dont get it when your spining the cam and that oil slinger the slinger looks like its going faster than the cam ive seen this in mowers put a smaller pully on to go faster how dose this work cause they look like there the same gear raceio but spining difrent speeds pleas anser

  5. Nice video. I wanted to know how it worked because we had a tech come out to replace the governor on a mower that would only run at full throttle. He ended up ordering a whole new engine! It didn't matter too much as the mower was under warranty, but I thought there had to be a cheaper way.

  6. I had to order a new governor oil slinger. When I got my new item, the plastic gear is stiff and requires a bit of force by hand to turn. in the past all governors I have dealt with would spin freely by hand. Do you think I have a defective governor? I really need to get my mower working as my grass is getting high.

  7. I always wondered how that worked. It is mostly because I don't know a lot about small engines other than changing spark plugs and basic maintenance.

  8. is it a good idea to take the governor off a Briggs & Stratton horizontal engine if you're using it on a go-kart. or should you just adjust the governor for more RPMs thanks and great video.

  9. This is another great video. I really appreciate you doing these and I really appreciate the lack of background music.
    I think of guys like you as low profile geniuses, super smart but without a single speck of arrogance.
    This world needs more people like you.

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