How Splash Lubrication (Oil Slinger) Works in Briggs and Stratton Vertical Shaft Engines

Quick video on how splash lubrication works in Briggs and Stratton Vertical shaft engines. Shows how the oil slinger sits in the oil sump, and how the camshaft drives it. And basics of how the governor works, will get into more detail on governor operation in another video. This is not for engines with oil pumps, splash lubrication only. Thanks for watching.



35 thoughts on “How Splash Lubrication (Oil Slinger) Works in Briggs and Stratton Vertical Shaft Engines

  1. Thanks for this useful video. I am trying to troubleshoot my 7 hp Briggs & Stratton push mower engine with an Air Vane type governor. The engine is over-revving and I cannot find a diagram illustrating how the governor link from the throttle connects to the Oil Slinger governor arm as mentioned at this point (1:24) in your video. Is there someplace in one of your videos that shows this connection?

  2. Fascinating! I really need to get educated on how these engines are put together, so I can fix my own. I love engines and am filled with theoretical knowledge about them, but when it comes to working on them, I've never gotten to really learn. Anyway, you've answered a question that has bothered me just about every time I fired up the old lawnmower! Thanks.

  3. Great stuff. Thanks for posting. Could I add one thing in case somebody came to this site looking for help for a problem with the slinger? I had a 17 hp Briggs that was surging and nothing was working to fix it: carb cleaning, new surge spring . . .  Then when I opened up the engine I noticed that the piston that comes out of the oil slinger wasn't hitting that little flat part of the governor arm squarely. I think it was slipping off when the engine revved after it pressed on that flat part. So I bent the governor arm a little so that the piston hit right in the center of the flat part. That did the trick. No more surging. So if you're out of ideas and have done the obvious fixes, you might want to have a look at the slinger.

    Thanks again for posting all these helpful videos.

  4. that is just what i was looking for.i'm rebuilding a 17 hp b&s engine and couldn't figure out where that part dad took the engine apart without me being there at the time,thanks for putting up this very helpful video.

  5. Friend has 14.5 Briggs that blew. I do know that he was running it about 1/3 to 1/2 quart low on oil. Ran okay when he mowed on flat land but blew when he was on a slope. Do you think the splasher would have been unable to reach enough oil if had been that low in the sump … and on a slope?

  6. Man, I love your videos. Like ALL of them. Clear, concise, well shot and easy to understand. Really appreciate them a lot. This one squared me away as I'm replacing a camshaft and governor slinger in a Briggs 190cc "Pro Series." And by Pro Series they apparently mean cheesy nylon gears on the crank and camshaft and plastic cam lobes as well. Brilliant. Long story short, the throw-out mechanism on the slinger broke off, got jammed up somewhere and it spun one of the plastic cam lobes 180 degrees. Amazing how hard these are to start when both valves are opening and closing at the same time. :-/ Anywho, your video, and about $50 in parts helped me put it back together. Thanks man! Keep up the great work!

  7. I don't think it will work, i don't think it will be able to sling enough oil upwards to the cylinder, I could be wrong though. I have heard of people putting a dipper on the crankshaft, but you have to do away with the counterweight (sychrobalancer) which would cause major vibration problems. I'd be afraid either way that it would get to much or not enough oil, and theres really no way to tell. Sorry i can't help out more! Appreciate it! Thanks for Watching!!!

  8. Hey there fnaGP9, in your opinion, would this oil slinger design work as well, if the engine was turn into the up right position (horizontal shaft). I have looked at this option for awhile, but wondered just how much oil to put in the engine when its in the horizontal position, too much oil and the plastic fling won't throw the oil, not enough oil and the engine will over heat………..any thoughts you have on this would be greatly appreciated. thanks and super job with your videos!

  9. only time i've had the plastic oil slinger fail was when a engine threw a rod (which also broke the camshaft) it destroyed the slinger! but yeah, unless that happens i've never heard of one failing either! Thanks for Watching!!!

  10. Thanks. I lined it up good. When I crank it everything seems normal. So I think it's good. I temorarly bypassed the governor and user a spring to keep it at idle just so it doesn't rev insanely high on first start up if it is wrong.

  11. if you skim through my 4 part video series on rebuilding a 12.5, i show that in the reassembly, it should be in part 3 or 4, i could be wrong, they can be very tricky sometimes to get everything lined up. Thanks for Watching!!!

  12. How do u go about putting this oil slinger governer back on as I rebiuilt the same engine. Wasnt exactly sure because everything was torqued to specs. None the bearings were scored or lose. But when turning it by hand there is a knock when u tun it back and forth. I was wondering if I put the governer in wrong and that's making the noise.

  13. i know right! i guess its a break point in the engine in case something goes wrong, but i think metal would be best!!! i've always thought that!!! thanks for watching!!!

  14. @whiterangers1984 thats really a better setup, i think any engine should have a oil filter, its not good having all that sludge/metal particles circulating through the engine. not a problem, there pretty reliable though, but a oil filter/pump is better. Thats the main problem with any small engine is carburetor trouble. thanks for watching!!!

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