How The Auto-Choke System Works On A Briggs & Stratton Engine – with Taryl

In “Shop Muscle”, Anthony and Vic are looking for a part-time job bouncing at the shop. After an impromptu interview they get the job. After the fix and before the ending, Taryl goes over how the auto-choke system works on a Briggs & Stratton engine as well as the carburetor. Be sure to stick around until the end for the hilarious conclusion. And as always, There’s Your Dinner!!

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21 thoughts on “How The Auto-Choke System Works On A Briggs & Stratton Engine – with Taryl

  1. love your videos very nice the way you present what exactly you re doing with real live pictures and explanations of what you re doing thanks for all you do

  2. Taryl is a great small engine fixer, to bad he is not in the Toronto area I would be sending him all kinds of business. I only do basic-fixes at peoples homes.

  3. Nice explanation. Another thing that can f'up. Bring back a manual choke, requires zero maintenance, maybe a shot of oil on the cable.

  4. I'd rather get rid of all that crap and hook up a choke cable. Man the way their making all this junk today is unbelievable. From toro to john deere all these small mowers are just garbage rolled up in a fancy looking package.

  5. Taryl, first i want to say that your videos are very informative, you're a really sharp guy…keep up the good work. So with that being said, i have a Troy-bilt lawn mower model 11A-26M011 with a Briggs & Stratton Eng. model 126T02-0675-B2 with auto-choke that's having staying running issues. It will start after a few pulls but dies soon after the choke starts to open. It will run and stay running with the choke fully close (horizontal position) but dies as soon as the choke is open (vertical position). I have replaced the thermostat so that does work, I'm thinking it may have something to due with the choke or carburetor itself. The choke is kind of spongy with the first start up so you have to keep the choke closed with your finger or something until the Eng. warms and the thermostat starts to open the choke, after that , it just dies. So do you have any suggestions to what might be going on.

  6. How do ya fix the auto choke on a 42" mid 90's Craftsmans riding mower. I mean there are still tons of out there taryl.. Get to it or I'll send my boys to your shop for some rough stuff.

  7. I love this guys videos and by the way I think we either got same pair of dirty jeans or this son of bee is gettin in my house and borrowin my britches..

  8. You guys are weird, Sick people!!! I LOVE IT!! Great Knowledge and job with this fix on the Thoke and the carbor-tater. Whoooooooho!!! Sure do have a lot of dinners guys!. Started on your first vid a few days ago with the shaft straightening. Interesting. Is tough on the lower housing slugging at it. I've broken two that way.. But nothing to loose right. keep-em coming…

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