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  1. Thanks so much. I have the IC engine with the OHV and the plastic cowl butnits pretty close. I did find an extra spring when reassembling my governor linkage. It was partially hanging off where the gov "bump" plates hits the choke arm. I don't know if it fell in there from something else or is there in addition to the gov assembly to return the position. I'm going to pull it out and not worry too much about it. Unless there is an issue. Oh, and do you reccoment removing the fuel stop solenoid that caps the jet when you start having trouble with it? Or replacing? Thanks!

  2. You mentioned in your video, around 4:48, that the choke linkage tends to break a lot on those carbs. I think that's what has happened to mine. It won't spring back like it should and is causing the engine to run terrible. Do you have a video, or can name a website where I can see how to fix this issue, thanks.

  3. Help please…. I have husky lt3800 .. it starts fine..when I put the engine on high speed,drive it in higher gears or engage the blades it bogs,black smokes and wants to die . basically under any kind to load.. i cleaned the carb,new plug,changed oil,changed the fuel filter,cleaned out the gas tank,put on new blades (not that the blades were part of the issue)… I'm at my wits end,next I'm gonna tune it up with a 20 lb sledge hammer… any ideas before it gets a pounding? ..

  4. How important is that rubber hose behind the carb mine broke so I kinda taped it up for a quick fix😏 and also the spring assembly I guess I lost mine or forgot to put it back on so now it keeps idling up and down till it shuts off

  5. Awesome video, that helped me a great deal as I was having trouble figuring out "what" to hook the choke linkage to ~~~ and it turns out that you don't hook it to anything…. Also ~ are you from Mount Sterling or Winchester Kentucky? I have relatives from those areas, and your accent is a spot on match to theirs (meant to be a compliment. They are good people up there).

  6. When the shroud is off…you should remove mag and polish the armature and the magnetic spot on flywheel…to reinstall, put a playing card between armatures and the flywheel magnet….then tighten the two bolts and pull out the shim/playing card and you be amazed at engine performance….I've seen rusted assemblies run like shit!

  7. It has compression yes. I took off carb and cleaned it good. Changed the base gasket, float and needle valve. Also the plug and gas line and gas line filter were replaced. It started well but is still hunting and missing sometimes backfires. Parts supplier said that the fuel solenoid wasn't the problem but all the videos and info says it probably is. Any thoughts to help?

  8. Thank you so much for these videos! They are incredibly helpful. I was hoping you can help me as I'm a bit stuck.. On my mower – my throttle won't stay on full throttle for more than 2 seconds.. it drifts back to idle. If i try pushing the linkage with my thumb, I feel strong pressure when I go to full throttle. Is that normal – or is something going on with the engine? I had a second carb I tried today and its doing the same thing. thanks again!

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