How Throttle / Choke / Governor Linkage & Spring is Setup on Briggs One Piece Carburetor

Video showing how the linkages and governor spring is setup on a older style Briggs and Stratton One Piece Flow Jet Carburetor, commonly found on 10, 11, 12 horse (and other) vertical shaft engines. Thanks for Watching!!!



20 thoughts on “How Throttle / Choke / Governor Linkage & Spring is Setup on Briggs One Piece Carburetor

  1. You didn't have to make this video just for me. I guess it is easier to watch and explain than it is to type away at the keyboard to try to explain something. I really appreciate it!! Thanks a bunch!! I'll watch the governor adjustment video.

  2. I was able to find 2 videos on how to adjust the governor. I am a mobile user so I can't click on the screen to find the video.

  3. Hello Friend just wondering you could help me find a "throttle slide" the plastic piece on the throttle linkage on a flat head? TIA.

  4. Appreciate the video more than you can know.  My friend gave me his 30 year old Toro riding mower recently.  Have it running, but it would only run if the throttle was set just so!  Move it one way or the other and it would cut out.  Anyway cleaned the carburetor yesterday and was having a heck of a time getting the linkage back on right.  The little spring is a pain, and the throttle linkage didn't want to stay in.  your video helped explain this well.  Again thanks for taking the time to make it.

  5. Hey, I checked out a few of your video's about these one piece carbs, love them, very helpful and got me through a lot. I do have one quick question. The oil breather hose that connects to the carburetor, while trying to get things set to run and my mower wouldn't run, it kind of looks like the might be/have been some oil getting in before the choke plate, is there something I should be looking at or what could the cause of that be?

  6. There is a little hose behind my carburetor that is all of sudden blowing large amounts of oil out of it. What is causing that? Does the hose need to be plugged? If anyone can help. model 286707 Briggs and Stratton made for Craftman.

  7. I have the B&S 8HP Engine on my John Deere 108 Riding Mower that I am trying to Restore. But Missing the Carb and the Air Filter and the Housing, in this Video it's pretty much the SAME and what I need. Can You or Anyone here help me to get ALL the Parts so I can get my Engine running again? THANK YOU very much in advanced!

  8. I have a question mine kind of leaks gas out towards the back kind of behind the air filter screw but ain't the air filter screw it's like a right in the back like a little hole and was like a filter in it I don't know what it is

  9. Cool video, very informative. I am going out to replace the carb diaphragm tomorrow because my mower started losing power after 3 min of running but, I noticed a loose spring when I took it apart. I reset it in the only little hole in the are but my Q is, when i pull the throttle bar, should not the linkage that the spring is attached to adjust? Oh, mine is a B&G 550 series

  10. I have a question I rebuilt a 19.5 hp briggs engine for my john deere lawn tractor. I've done this many times in the past but this time when it was all assembled and ready to start it didn't. All it does is back fire through the carburetor but won't start, just back fire. I have checked the values, they are good. I took the fly wheel off 3 times to double check the alignment but it was perfect.. Took the engine apart again to make sure the sprockets were all timed right and they were.. I have exhausted everything I know and gone over the entire engine over and over again and just don't understand what is wrong. I just ordered a carburetor solenoid for it thinking that was the problem but the more I think about it , I don't believe it is.. Any insight you may have on this?

  11. After 3 hrs and many expletives, I watched your video to see how the choke linkage hooked up. I then fixed it in five minutI God bless you and Google.

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