30 thoughts on “HOW TO: 1000-HP LS (COUPLER EXPLODES!)

  1. Why does it seem like the 6.0 was really the only combination that was relatively close to the 14.7 lbs of boost can closely double your power NA? Just seems like most of the other combos weren't even comparable in power per pound.

  2. Q how much trouble is the LS2 block when using the 4in stroke crank? Are the piston at bdc issues as real bad as people make out?

  3. How long did all of thies engines last at 1000 hp ? Would u daily them or would they be in the shop more then on the road ?

  4. this guy has showed me everything I know about an ls swap , motor size , best bolt ons . About 6 months ago I had never changed oil on a car before . Thanks for helping us younger gearhead out 💪🏼 Im 19 doing a 6.0 vortec 4l80E swap on a 1992 obs

  5. The fix is to easy as we do this on Hayabusa’s running up to 60lbs of boost on alcohol and nitromethane. After you coupler 5/8 -3/4 of a inch back on both sides we drill a small hole mig or tig a small fine threaded nut. Then take a 3/8 long bolt or whatever you want to use take wire and wrap it around the bolts on both sides in a figure 8 pattern tightly across your coupler 4-6 times. Leave a lil tail and wrap it around the wires in the middle. Tighten the fine thread bolts tightly = problem solved and do it at every coupler or vband as insurance.

  6. Love the videos Richard! I curious what pushrods are you typically using for these builds? I'm making around this power with my twin turbo LS 403ci 1969 camaro . Always love learning more and more . Thanks

  7. Hey Rick..


    The LSX line of SBC's is superior to all other traditional pushrod V8's since their beginning inception back in the 50's.

    I plan to have a notch stang or GTA trans am, (CAN'T MAKE UP MY MIND) and the traditional Small Block just ain't gonna cut it anymore. Not even gonna waste my time trying.

    I was thinking a LY6 Iron block and finding a 3.75 stroke custom crank for the old school 383 displacement. No need for a 4"+ stroke crank more plus cylinder wall angle pressure is lessened with shorter stroke also helping longevity.

    I figure a good set of PRC/MAST heads coupled with a good 230's duration @ .050 cam on a 112* split and a conservative 12psi would be livable on a street car that is street 95% of the time on 93 octane and 9.5:1 compression.. Would use larger chambers for valve unshrouding and dish pistons if needed to obtain final compression

    What kind of numbers ballpark?!? I am hoping for 600 when the time comes, for that i would be a happy camper. All drive line upgrade bolt on's and a 9" rear with T56+ manual minimum.

    I want good hp wheel numbers, but i have to live in the realm of reality and durability also. Even with all 4340 forged internals..

    I am in the planning stages, been watching a (LOT) of your videos and comparisons.. Well done and keep up the great work!!


    AKA "BADGTA" on Thirgen.org forums.

  8. Richard, I have that same 427 LSX build that you run. How about adding a big turbo instead of the blower. Maybe a single vs twin combo? I'd pay to see the results! Thanks for your videos, keep em going.

  9. @
    Richard Holdener Thank you for making this channel! I have learned so much in just a few days watching your videos. I have a 1994 Z28 6 speed with under 100,000 miles and want to go the truck motor route because it is much cheaper! Thanks to you, I have learned so much about the 4.8, 5.3, 6.0 and that is priceless info that I gained from you. Peace!

  10. Great Video! and maybe you have done it already but a cool series may be how cheaply can you make 1000hp that is repeatable not necessarily a built motor kind of deal but something that wouldn't be ready to put it self out of it's own misery.

  11. Some guy who does engine comparison videos said that every time you add 14.7 lbs of boost, you double the HP… So why did the 416 LS3 based engine make nearly 600 HP N/A, and only 1045 at 22 PSI? Seems like something in the combination was off, or was it due to the blower's parasitic losses?

  12. richard it would be nice for us blower guys to know pulley size in relation to boost numbers for the various superchargers. awesome videos look forward to them everyday! thanks

  13. I kind of doubt that it's a test you've done, but if you ever do get a chance to do some new tests I really think that you would be the best person to do a Max CARB Legal HP comparison. I'm trying to figure out how to pass visual inspection in CA and am finding out that a lot of the cool parts actually have EO#s. I'm curious what happens if you put them all on the same motor.

  14. Richard is their that much of a difference between a f1a and f1a94 on say a 5.3 liter? Would like to see torque curve and hp curve differences. Great vids. You definitely know your stuff.👍

  15. Could we see just the 1000+ hp runs from each engine to see how the torque and hp curves compare? I think that would be interesting to see.

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