How to Add Electric Start to Briggs & Stratton Generator

Briggs and Stratton Power Boss 10 hp Generator conversion to electric start.
Engine Model #L204412-0163E1

Briggs & Stratton OHV Flywheel 794812 Fan 794815

Calterm Universal Starter Switch
MPN# 42210
SKU# 570370
UPC# 46494422102


Stens Starter Solenoid
Universal Style Double Pole



17 thoughts on “How to Add Electric Start to Briggs & Stratton Generator

  1. Forgot to add, my book says to torque flywheel to 110 foot pounds. I was able to do the quite easily with a 'torque stick' and an electric impact wrench. I did not have to risk breaking anything aluminum by 'wedging' a stop. One can just hold it with your hand. It reaches torque without spinning the engine.

  2. Well I had to table my project over the winter. I just this week found the time to finish the work. I had all the parts, but I converted it to propane before the weather got bad instead. So… I had ordered the el cheapo version of part number 695479 starter (sbs0038) from Jack's small engines. Today I was winding it up, installed the starter. It engages the gear, but does not have enough travel on the shaft to get off the ring gear when retracting. If I try to put power to it, it will spin the starter while running. Seems the output end is too long. Don't know what I have. Desperately looking for my receipt. Not a major hit, only was $43.00.
    Jumped on Amazon and ordered a generic starter with a steel gear and mount. I'm a slow learner): . It will get here quick and I can return it pronto too.

    Will let you know if it works.

  3. lol 😂 🤣😂 when you said if you needed help to disassemble the other parts, I thought you were going to suggest a video of yours on how to do that.

  4. Lol you would have saved yourself a lot of money just getting a Lexington Missouri really good strong power drill with crank the right up just like the starter you put on there now that you are showing off.

  5. OOps. I just noticed you include a fan part number above. I'll see if that's the same as mine or not. Thanks.

  6. I received my flywheel and starter from Jack's small engines. Flywheel had to go back. Somehow I clicked on the wrong one. I noticed two fans on the floor, and you mentioned 'the old fan' @ about 6:05 in the video. Do I need a different fan too, or are you just replacing the old one?

  7. I have the same engine, and was looking for how to do this, found your video. I can get the flywheel from Jack's, but still need to know what starter to get (how many teeth, length etc. or part number). Can you reply with? Also, how do you hold the flywheel while re-torquing? My generic B&S book says 110 ft lbs. Seems like a lot.
    Oh, and yeah, you do sound a bit like John Malkovich 🙂

  8. Don't forget to LAP the shaft before you put the flywheel on so they mate properly. If you do not, you can wreck your engine and your risk injury. Just thought I'd throw that in there.

  9. Sir, can i ask you some questions ? When generator is ON (firing up) why does the motor starter is OFF (not turning) , What is the input to stop the motor starter ?? … please help

  10. Awesome video, very informative. I am wanting to do this on a 7.25 hp Briggs and Stratton if I can find a flywheel that will interchange. You definitely helped me, thanks.

  11. Did you put a stator coil and voltage regulator on the gen set to keep the battery charged? I have a 4500w big gen set and it is pull start with an 11 up Briggs engine. One pull from full choke and it is up an running. I have seen no reason to think about putting a starter on it because it is so easy to start. I did a just the OHV valves on it at about 50 hours and I am sure this keeps the starting effort, reasonable. I generally dont even think about an electric start unless it is totally unreasonable to crank and most engines, these days, have a built in decompression valve.

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