34 thoughts on “How to adjust a Briggs and Stratton One Piece Flow Jet Carburetor

  1. Thanks for making this video! I got a free Simplicity with a flathead 8HP with this style carburetor. It would only run choked, I seen the top screw and kept adjusting it out until it was running better, I didn’t bother with the bottom screw.

  2. My till runs great has the 8 hp briggs but at idle it will just vut out and die what could be my problem? Im going to use this video retune it today thanks for the video it looks very helpful!

  3. Thanks for taking the time to make this video. I have one of these and your video helped me adjust the carb. Keep up the good work.

  4. great job dude, I just got an old ford lawn mower, model LT11-g, great little toy glad to have it in the collection, your video was very helpful but most of all informative, you really know your engines this was so helpful, you should make tutorial videos and sell them lol thanks again!

  5. hello again thanks for the info and getting back to me right away i have another question or two to ask you i started my mower today and it sounded really good at first just like yours but then when i shut the choke off it started two want to shut off so i put the choke back on then it started to run again does this mean i have to adjust the carburator more or do i have to set the govener right so it stops surging

  6. awesome video lots of info wanted to ask you can the seat where the needle goes be changed i went to a john deere place where they sell parts and the guy said that the seat cant be changed in these carburetors is this true or not could you please let me no because i think he was trying to get me to buy a new carburetor because i wanted to put a new needle and seat do to gas being in the crank case thank you and again awesome video

  7. Thank you so much for making this video, I've watched it many times over the past 3 or more years, You're dead on with all the info for this type carb. I only use the mower maybe 5 times a year and the carb always has to be messed with but I don't use it enough to make me remember the important stuff. You've really saved me cash, time and frustration so Thank You!

  8. Thank you for posting. Got the it running after going back to factory setup. Tried a lot but when the engine gets hot it start coughing and than drops out. I think its the valves because in cold condition it work ok. What do you think?

  9. I'm adjusting mine exactly how you showed and every other possible combination but when I engage the blade it cuts off. What's my next move.

  10. I have a serious problem with hunting on these classical one-piece flojet´s.I have tried; new gov linkage, gov readjust, compressed air (carb cleaner)in all jets, still hunting like mad. Very nice and informative video!

  11. I used this video and got mine running mowed for about 20min and noticed it bogged out pretty easy. Adjusted the high side to run richer and she shut down. Now she won't crank back up. Any suggestions I think I'm gonna start from scratch

  12. My old rider like this runs find at higher throttle but chugs and dies at lower throttle, any one have any suggestions? Thanks

  13. I have added a shut off valve so when not in use it doesn't run into crankcase but now I can see lots of gas after it startscin the carb top

  14. Great Video!! Great explanation! Helped me figure out which needle was what after rebuild. Thank You and keep up the great work!

  15. awesome video..picked up an old 12hp briggs riding mower cheap..thanks to your video its running fine now..thank you for sharing your time and knowledge!! it is very much appreciated..

  16. Hey, I got a B&S 11 hp with the same carb. The only thing is it starts and idles fine but when I give it some gas it revs up and I cant do anything to stop it but shut the mower off. I see in your video the throttle screw is not pivoting and mine is. Any explanation? Thanks

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