HOW-TO Adjust A Carburetor Float

In this video I show you how to easily adjust the float in your carburetor. The same procedure will apply to many makes of carburetors.

Watch “How to spot a defective float”

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41 thoughts on “HOW-TO Adjust A Carburetor Float

  1. does the plastic emulsion tube have to come out when cleaning carb taken apart to many times landlord keeps using bad gas if you comment ill make him watch reply or if anybody replies he dont have computer

  2. I'm pretty sure mine didn't have a float plug in it when I tore it apart to clean it? is this common or am I wrong? because I put a new plug in it but now it definitely won't sit right and the plug is pushed in as far as it can go

  3. Have a question? Fixed all the gaskets, but there is a pin hole located on the carburetor just above the primer hose male connection. When I prime the engine, a stream of fuel shoots out of that hole and then it continues to drain fuel slowly emptying the tank. Do you know what that indicates? Is the float out of adjustment? Also, the engine will run for 3 seconds and shut down Seems like fuel starvation after its primed. Thanks for the help!

  4. I have a Arians snow blower with a 10 hp Tecumseh e would not start this year. replaced the spark plug, then the carb started leaking around the bowl. having had the blower for about two decades, I figured the carb probably needs new gaskets. replaced the needle, the seat, bowl gasket, and float. the carb seems to be leaking fuel up the emissions tub into the body of the carb. is this an indication that the emissions tub has a problem?

  5. Thanks for the help, when I took the carburetor apart the needle fell out I had no idea how to hook it up. It looks like that thin wire hooks up to the float, right? Thanks again Mac

  6. I'm working on a Briggs engine on a riding mower that has been sitting since 2008. I've replaced the fuel line, fuel filter, vacuum line and rebuilt the fuel pump. The only way it will run is with the choke on. I've adjusted the carb without any effect. The carb is clean inside. When the blades are engaged, the engine usually dies. The last couple times starting it, it sounded like it was leaking pressure and won't start. Any ideas?

  7. I have a Tecumseh Power Sport 6.5 HP. When I Fill the gas tank the carburetor leaks gas. The leak comes out by the air filter. Do you think the float is the problem?

  8. Mr. Dony

    It's me, again. I rebuilt my Tecumseh carb, the carb number is #632569 and it's a dual system carburetor. When I take the bowl off to clean it, or as in now when adjusting my float, the float hinges all the way down and pulls the needle completely out and the needle falls off of the tab and onto the ground.

    This isn't normal is it? My float, before it went bad didn't hardly hinge down when cleaning the bowl until the float went bad which makes it a pain in the butt because the bowl gets stuck between the float and carb body. A few times it was so aggravating that I had a brief thought of packing some fun stuff under the mower to see if I could get the mower to clear 50 ft, straight up into the air haa

    You're still the best on Youtube and you will probably always be since you know what you're doing and speak so clear

  9. This is great. Thanks for getting a good detailed close up view of something so small and hard to see. I wish all videos like this. Someone donate to this guy! (not me. I don't have any money. Donate to me too if possible. lol)

  10. Thank you for this and many other informative videos that helped bring back to life an old lawn mower that is now worth it's weight in gold thanks to the advice you've shared that helps people grow.

  11. Hi! I have a problem on my carburetor float. What if the lowest setting of the float, is not low enough? Basically on the lowest setting, the float sits to high up, closing the valve too soon. I should lower it more, but I can't. Any suggestions?

  12. I can't seem to get the carb on my 30-year-old 8hp Briggs adjusted properly. I'm wondering if the float is not adjusted properly. What is the gap required on this motor? (I can't seem to find this info elsewhere). thanks!

  13. donyboy73 – I'm hoping you can assist me. I'm having an issue with my Lawn boy 6.5 kohler w/smart choke. when I pull the mower back and up a bit, the rear tires lock up. I'm hoping this can be corrected. it's self propelled. thx for your help

  14. Hey Donny. I have a Toro CCR 1000E 3 Horsepower snowblower. It has served me well for approximately 20 years. I watch your videos whenever I need to do any maintenance. My choke turns freely until it engages the spring coming out of the carburetor I'm not sure if I'm missing something …some part I don't see anymore. Do you have a video on that carburetor or that joke? I can't find it.


  16. I have worked on many different small engine carburetors and never gave that a thought. I learn something new every day. Thanks for the information good job on the video. ?. By the way that Toro S – 200 I got to use it this morning and she's a little beast.

  17. I have a Tecumseh carb off a mtd snowblower. fuel poors out the bowl top. I took the bowl off and looked where the needle valve goes and I see now rubber needle seat. is there supposed to be a seat there

  18. use premium fuel in small engine , for some reason it works better and does not gum up in a carburetor after long storage ,
    second if you have a fuel valve turn it off while the engine is running and wait until the fuel dries out from the carburetor ,
    Fuel left in the carburetor for a long time will dry up and damage the carburetor , installing a fuel shut off valve is easy ,
    If engine is hard to start remove the spark plug and use a propane torch burn off the Corbin residue and whatever might be on the spark plug , I do it until the Central Electric and the ground electroid get red hot , of course wait until the spark plug cool down before reinstalling it , in the Old Country Palestine we used to put a small amount of gasoline on the ground put the spark plug in the middle of it and set it on fire , that always worked to get us out of a jam ,

  19. I have an ETQ TG3000 generator that I just bought (used) and it runs awesome, if the choke is partially on, when I take it off it surges. How do I solve this?. My guess is it's running lean but not sure how to properly adjust

  20. Evenin Don, Hope all is well with you. Was wondering if you have seen the floats in the old Toro snow blowers that are made of Cork? I have a model#3518 that has a cork float and the parts sites i have visited all say it's unavailable. Was wondering if you might be able to get your hands on one or point me to a place that carries them? Thanks Don.

  21. I have a little 5.5 hp tucumpse 22" snow blower and it would only run on one notch from full choke and Full throttle and I took the carb off to clean it and now that I put it back together I can't get my engine running by its own power the only way it will start is if I take the spark plug off and put gas in the cylinder any suggestions on how to get my engine back running again?

  22. I have done so many carb rebuilds in my life I can set them by eye. I am sure you can too. Anyone that does this for a while can set the float level by eye. If It doesnt run right,then I know there is something else. I have seen many floats with an actual dimple in that tab. If that dimple is too bad,you should replace the float. Also if there is fluid in the float or there is alot of corrosion around or on the float,its shot. I have found floats where the float pin was corroded right off the float. Also where the arm that holds the float pin corroded off. Water is the biggest problem with that,caused by ethanol fuel. I am now telling people to look for recreation fuel or get a treatment and add it to every fuel tank you fill from the pump.

  23. thanks, your videos are the best. clear, precise, easy to follow, not a lot of wasted time and very well explained.

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