23 thoughts on “How to Adjust a Small Two Stroke Carburetor

  1. This is for my net engine in my beetle right.. so I'll guess these screws as you suggested and the mixture screw cos I'm just going fast not flying. That's all there there is to it. Champ

  2. Nothing on how to adjust! On both needle screws. Where to start if both completely out. I know most the time you start with the L one turn out. Then adjust. But where do you start with the H needle? Once seated, how many turns out? Total waist of a video. A redo should occur. Not only my opinion but everyone's.

  3. The thing is I can't actually get my engine to start. It's not like it's performing badly, it doesn't even start….

  4. Hi also befor thinking the carb ain`t running correctly always check the air filter,exhaust mesh baffle and test fuel filter`and make sure the the fuel tank is pressurising correctly,all these if not performing the way they should will cause the strimmer to run in correctly.and remember a flooding engine can be caused by a dirty air filter and a defected needle or needle seat.

  5. I just adjusted the replacement carb on my Ryobi CS26 (RY28020). I think it was a zama replacement, don't recall, but it had the plastic caps on the adjustment screws. I just used a blue (16-14) butt connector and a #1 phillips screwdriver (I think). I forced the screwdriver in one end, removed & forced it into the other end to stick it there. That made the butt connector fit over the top of the cap & turned the screws fine. just needed a little adjustment to run OK in the 100* (110* index) heat today. I'll probably end up adjusting it again when it cools down some.

    Thanks for the video 😉

  6. if you run your 2 stroke carb to lean. It will scorch the exhaust valve, cylinder wall and rings. It will run really good and fast but gets super hot. Not enough fuel/oil to lube and cool the cylinder.

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