24 thoughts on “How to adjust Briggs & Stratton Updraft Carburetors, 8HP as Example

  1. Got three engines with the updraft flojet ones on a 6 horse in a 66 bolens ones on a 1982 8 horse from a tiller and the last is on a 10 horse in a Allis big ten honestly I quite like this carb design

  2. Did a full rebuild, got it running but will not run unless 90% choked and even then is temperamental. I've tried to adjust the 3 different screws you mention but first, I want to fix the choke problem. It seems there is a way to adjust the spring backed screw on the choke lever and in fact, I can turn this screw that holds the choke lever on and I can adjust how much choke by again, turning the choke lever retention screw BUT NOT the choke lever. Maybe my choke butterfly plate is separated from the choke lever?
    Also, idles very high – wondering if the new cable and cable housing is out of position on the screw and bracket that holds the cable to the throttle body – shown at 6:54: wondering if there is a distance that the cable housing must not be too far forward in the bracket that will screw something up. Seems I can shut it off by pushing the lever forward no problem but huge spike from 0 RPM to low. Seems to be zero low idle. Maybe I disconnect the cable and use my finger to slide that assembly which you mention is not replaceable.
    Tempted to buy a $20 carb on Amazon but want to get my free 8hp blower running on OE parts – seems close. Thanks!

  3. I just purchased an old John Deere 68 that sat for a cpuple years. When I went to see it, it would not start until I put good gas in it. Only issue I have is it sputters quite a bit, it stays running but sounds like the choke is on the whole time. When I take the air filter out it comes to life and runs fine, when I put the cap back on with filter it spotters and loses power. I thought about replacing the carb, but it seems to run really well when it gets good air. Air filter looks ok, but I'll replace that tomorrow. I will also check adjustments as well, anything else that I might need to assess? Thanks.

  4. Thank you!!! Ive searched for hours on the govenor linkage adjustment causing engine over revving and couldn't find anything until your video! Great explanation!

  5. Thank you for all this information. I am having a problem with a 1974 White Yard Boss GT 1050. I have an old White Yard Boss GT1050, that is giving me fits.
    This is a 1974 model with a 10HP B&S motor. Updraft carburetor. It started running real crappy, and died. I replaced the plug, and checked it for spark. Spark is good. Replaced the fuel filter. No luck! I ordered a carb kit, and installed. Carb was leaking out the hole in the bottom. I researched this and followed the recommendations on the Needle jet. No luck! I have fought this for three weeks now. I ordered a new carb. It has already had the repair on the needle done to it. Same story, leaks out the hole. Checked needle, and found the repair o-ring, and a good seat pattern in it. The engine will run if I keep priming it. I took a compression check on it. 100LBS compression cold. Checked it three times. I know this is an old bugger, but I am hoping someone may have some experience with these. They are great garden tractors. I installed an electronic conversion for the ignition. I will say the spark is much better. For some reason it will not pull the fuel from the carb up, and into the combustion chamber. Any ideas, because i am out of them. Give me a downdraft carb with a fuel pump, and it would be easier.

  6. I've got an 8hp B&S that looks exactly like this one. Mine might be a few years older. It's on a 48" concrete troweling machine. I just replaced the carb with a new one l found on eBay. I set all the screws like you said and got it fired up and running. However My problem is as I fine tune it either at a low idle or running fast l can not get it to manually get it to throttle up or down. The governor spring stays fully extended keeping the the top flap wide open.
    I am suspicious of the governor spring and the throttle cable. Do you have any suggestions or another viedo to watch on how to set the throttle cable adjustment or the governor spring. Also the motor after adjusting the idle speed still pulses as it's running. Any ideas on this?

    I saw the small part of this viedo where you refered to it.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks for all you do.

  7. i have this exact same engine. ive cleaned the carb, adjusted it like you said and the manual said. i cannot get this thing started. ive tried everything. i thought it might be getting flooded but the spark plug is dry. tons of gas comes out the intake, as im trying to get it running with out the air cleaner.

  8. Thank you for the concise and simple explanation without the circus antics I see on some channels.
    I linked this video rather than writing a wall of text explaining this process.

    Thanks again.

  9. Thank you for the video! I have the same 8hp Briggs and Stratton engine/ updraft carburetor. It would only run when fully choked and at full throttle. Thanks to your video, I was able to tune the carburetor and now it runs great. Thanks again!

  10. I have a old tiller and a 1974 (thanks for the B&S dating video) craftsman snow shark and didn't know where to start on them. Can't wait till the morning to get the snow shark going. Have a great day and thank you.

  11. Thanks so much for this great video. I have a 1976 Briggs 8HP Toro snowblower (8-32 model specifically) and the exhaust glows red after a couple of minutes. I removed and cleaned the entire carb last year but I failed to properly adjust it because honestly I didn't know how. I suspect a lean condition so I will try this out first otherwise there may be a bigger issue I need to figure out. Anyhow, very helpful video. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Just finished mine and it starts easily and runs really well now but it just dies suddenly at random, then after a few minutes starts and runs my wood splitter perfectly for another few minutes, then dies again like a float issue is all I can think of ? any suggestion ? thanks for posting its the identical engine and a great tutorial

  13. Thanks very much for this great video. I have this engine on an old wood chipper and the Throttle Bracket Assy has a mount that alows a screw through the bottom under the bowl, teh one that fits into the bottom of the carb. None of the new cheap carbs they sell out there allow their carbs to fit in this bracket, they have this extra half inch height to the post. You can even see it in the replacement carb you show in your video right here, you can see under the bowl the post sticks out an extra half inch than the carb on your motor you have already mounted! Why are they doing this…very frustrating. I did find a carb from one place that has the proper bottom bolt height, and I struggled to get it into my manifold, things just didn't line up right. I am hoping it's good enough, will be testing it out tomorrow…thanks again!

  14. Can't beat the old stuff. I've got a sideways job on a Roof mower, 8 horse 'L' head I/C that mostly gets choked at the beginning of the season or if it sits for a month. Just turn it on and it'll fire the 1st or 2nd pull. I wish briggs would make a solid choke plate for the 'L' head plastid starting clutch dog 5 horse instead of the one with the hole in it. Lets too much air and not enough gas for cold starts. I can stick my thumb into the breather housing over the choke and it'll crank 1st pull but not until you try pulling it and your shoulder is gone. But it keeps me honest and Thanks! Pick me one!

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