23 thoughts on “How To Adjust Fuel And Float Level On Holley Carbs

  1. I have a 4160 Holley 600 carb, Ive had issue after issue with it. I tried returning it after 5 months of owning it but it exceeded the warranty. Please just recommend me to a Holley Professional in the Bay Area! I would love to get my Holley adjusted the right way. I’ve took it to 2 mechanics, and one of them said I bought a faulty carburetor and to return it. Im not a mechanic so I’m not going to touch the carb and mess something up I have no business adjusting. I need a professional Holley Carb Specialist in the Bay Area thank you!

  2. hola,el nr del carburador es: 3854086



    y mirándolo desde arriba pone :6R3250B Gracias.

    hello,the nr of the carburetor is: 3854086, 80316-2, 0676 looking at it from above puts it :6R3250B Thx Aurelio

  3. Hi I'm aurelio,I have a holley that does not have have a screw in the " to adjust the level of fuel also has the vizor to be able to see the fuel ,please there is someone that I can explain how it regulates the level of fuel in these holley?

  4. Hola soy Aurelio,tengo un Holley que no tiene tiene tornillo en la cuva para ajustar el nivel de combustible tampoco tiene vizor para poder ver el combustible ,por favor hay alguen que me lo puede explicar como se regula el nivel de combustible en estos Holley?

  5. i got my first holly early this year ….please dont go at these carbs with an attitude or in a rush that wont help you at all …..if you do. get some extra site hole screws cause they are small and hard to handle with fat greasy hands …good luck finding it if you drop it in the engine bay

  6. Add a 10 micron fuel filter before the mechanical or electric fuel pump. It will keep super fine sediment out of the needle and seats that is a major cause of flooding at idle and after shut down.

  7. It says 6 psi but I hear alot of guys complaining that the needle and seat gives you issues with anything over 5 ? Flooding hard starting etc …? I have a 4412 2bbl on my 390 ci the instructions say 5to 7 psi I'm running a elec fuel pump with regulator I ran it at 3 psi in a 5 gallon can filled it up in less than 5 min 5 to 7 seems high on a 2bbl is it flow bench tested by the specs of each carb ??? As in was that carb tested to hold 6 psi ???

  8. just swapped a small block chevy into an old toyota pickup and had no idea how to tune carbs. engine was stumbling all over the place, figured it out with the help of this video. thanks!

  9. With an electric fuel pump.._do you just switch it on and off while adjusting the float? Never had ths carb on an electric pump. Only adjusted it with mechanical on running engine. Any help thanks.

  10. If you know or willing to know a holley they are great and have better throttle response than a carter elderbrock. but if you want easy and less upkeep with less throttle response then buy a carter

  11. You better be a mechanic if you own anything Holley. I wasted thirty five hundred getting a charger from them. What was I thinking? I should've bought a leaf blower instead. It would have been a lot cheaper and more power. Their tech department is terrible. The machine work is shoddy. Don't waste your time and money

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