How To Adjust Holley Carburetor Vacuum Secondary Springs

Holley offers some tips on how to properly operate and adjust four-barrel carburetors with vacuum secondary throttle blades. The video describes the various rate secondary springs, how to change them, and the testing procedures to follow to make sure the secondaries open properly for best performance.



8 thoughts on “How To Adjust Holley Carburetor Vacuum Secondary Springs

  1. My secondary venturies on a street avenger are not injecting any fuel at all into the intake (even when those throttle plates are wide open), I know for sure that the fuel level is all good and set on the secondary chamber… what am I missing?

  2. Please recommend me an optimal performance 4barrel carb Holley Carb for a stock street/strip 1992 Ford 302 HO working with an AOD transmission… (actually i'm using a 2-barrel motorcraft carb)

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