28 thoughts on “How to Adjust Honda Mower Smart Drive Cable

  1. FYI for everyone, there is a service bulletin dated March 2017, service bulletin #107. The bushings on the wheels on some models were undersized & cause the rear wheels to move backwards. Here are the model numbers that are affected:
    HRR216K9VKA serial numbers MZCG-8670001-9933580
    HRR216K9VLA serial numbers MZCG-8670001-9933580
    HRR216K9VYA serial numbers MZCG-8670001-9933580

    The fix is to replace the adjuster arms & if under warranty it is a free repair.

    Here is a link to the document on a lawn mower forum, it also tells how to do the repair yourself: https://www.lawnmowerforum.com/showthread.php/42592-Honda-HRR-Models-Rear-Wheels-Locking-Up-When-Pulling-Backwards

  2. These are about the clearest and easiest-to-follow instructions that I've ever come across for any project on YouTube. Thank you so much.

  3. Thanks for this!! Thought I was going to have to take mine to the repair shop. So simple to repair/adjust.

  4. Thank you for this. However, I have the HRX217K5VLAA and the propulsion has all but stopped working. Are you familiar with this model and whether it falls into these instructions – the turns on the adjuster and the position of the Smart Drive control (mine does not have a locking mechanism)? Thank you for any guidance.

  5. Very helpful video. Wish I had seen it before I spent $35 in parts and my morning replacing the belt and drive pulley on an 8 year old Honda I got from a relative. Turns out the cable was the main problem.

    Keep CABLE JAM NUT SLACK>start mower & test self propel on hill>is it effortless?… tightening adjuster 1 revolution at a time until self propel is effortless…tighten jam nut at end of hill test.
    ……..Almost threw my mower in trash even after following this video…but thanks anyways

  7. I've got the opposite problem.  Can't get the drive in neutral.  The back wheels turn no matter the setting.  Tried loosening the adjustment to the max and it didn't help.

  8. Spot on. Solved the problem with less than two minutes work. My kid is disappointed though. He thought he was going to talk me into buying a riding mower.

  9. My HR214 is clattering a little, then a lot with propulsion engaged. I have changed the ratchets on the drive wheels. The drive wheels do lock if I pull it backwards. Is this clatter and stop and go relate to self propel or the belt?

  10. Is there any way to set the smart drive mechanism so I can create a limiter for the fastest speed? It is too easy to push too far and do a wheelie.

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