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  1. when someone removes the goveror or bypasses it, how are they lubricating their top end?
    isn't it part of the governor's job to splash oil up there?

  2. I have a John Deere riding mower with a briggs 11hp engine I adjust the governor to 3600 rpm but when I get into thick grass the rpm drops to 2600 rpm isn't the governor support to keep the rpm from dropping so much rpm

  3. Excellent videos (this one and throttle linkage one). Saved my butt! Just rebuild the LMT carb and couldn't get it to work properly. Overlooked governor adjustment like you said. Thank you so much!!!!

  4. I have a pressure washer with a Briggs & Stratton 8 1/2 horse the choke doesn't close automatically like it used to and the governor doesn't seem to work when I squeeze the trigger the engine does not wrap up with that be in the governor adjustment

  5. jj again. The air vane on my 6.75 just works the carb's choke butterfly. I believe it's Briggs' autochoke feature added some years ago to supposedly make for easier starting for the avg. homeowner; that is, no primer nor choke to fool with. The carb's inside butterfly (throttle) is operated by linkages routed from front to back finally disappearing through the crankcase. There is a bolt/jamb nut and shaft just like on a mechanical gov. Glad to send a picture if you will tell me how. Appreciate your patience; I've learned a lot from you.

  6. Thanks for the reply. Confused here. According to a parts list for my engine, there appears to be a governor/oil slinger part internally #691997. https://www.ereplacementparts.com/briggs-and-stratton-126t020256b1-engine-parts-c-16758_17347_17498_228297.html and here is a better picture of the same part # https://www.jackssmallengines.com/jacks-parts-lookup/part/briggs-stratton/691997. I certainly don't want to go through the hassle of opening the crankcase if it won't do any good but I have checked the things externally that you suggested and the wide range between no-load & load rpms is still there. Again, this machine has the blade stop feature which further complicates the matter. Have you ever seen an internal governor go bad such that it does not control the engine speed as it should?

  7. I have a Toro Personal Pace with blade stop. It is a Briggs 6.75, air vane style. Problem is that it revs way too high when blade is not engaged (bail arm release and in spin stop mode) @ up to and maybe beyond 4000 rpm. But when pull the bail and thus engage the blade it settles down to a more normal 3200 or so. Correspondingly, if I reduce that over-rev 4000 no load rpm (by bending the tang and shortening the gov. spring) to around 3200, the loaded rpm then drops to a weak 2700 or even less. All external (visible) linkages, springs, etc. seem to be moving freely. Do you think I need to open the crankcase and investigate the weighted governor part? BTW, super video as usual.

  8. Question,
    I have a a John deere 14sb that I just acquired. I had issues with it not starting, and if it did start stalled in a second. I replaced the spark plug, oil and air filter. It started right up after that. Now my issue is that is when I pull the throttle handel all thevway back to turn it off, it just stays in idle and never cut off. Does it have to do with the adjustment you did here or I have to adjust something else? Does anyone else here know? Thanks much!

  9. I have watched others try to tell us how to adjust the governor on a motor. You are the only one that I have found that go straight to the subject. Most people do not know how to teach because they go through to much and get to complicated. Keep making videos.

  10. Hey there. Thanks for posting these videos, they're really fantastic!
    I have a John Deere riding mower (LA120) that I inherited from my in-laws that we've been trying to use, but it was sitting unused for a few years so it's been giving me some troubles. One day it just stopped running unless the choke was fully on. I replaced the fuel filter and air filter but it still had the same problem. I removed the carb and tried to clean it myself by just using carb cleaner, and that seemed to make it run a little better, but still not fixed. So I removed the carb again and had it professionally rebuilt by a small engine mechanic. He told me that the low (idle) jet was completely clogged. When I put it back in it was running much better. But after a few minutes it would choke out on high throttle. So as of right now I can only get it to run on low throttle. Any time I try to put it into high throttle it chokes out. Do you think it's something getting clogged in high throttle portion of the carb, or do I just need to adjust the governor? Any help you can offer is appreciated.

  11. hey I have a 5 horsepower Robin Subaru on a go-kart and you don't even have to give it throttle and it just goes and it's kind of sluggish have any ideas

  12. Just set my govner due to surging revs.( up and down) exact ally the way you showed. Everything on my 550 brig and strat was the same as video, mower runs better then new, in fact I'm concerned it revs too high lol. Fantastic information!

  13. I don't know if you're still replying to comments on here but I just replaced the carb on my 16.5hp B&S with this one. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00U1RZN5Y/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o07_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Now the motor hunts and surges. I've done all the carb adjusting I feel like I can do. The governor seems okay by what you say as in, little to no spring at idle and lots of spring at full throttle. However I can see the governor moving back and forth as it's running. I'm just wondering if I should mess with the governor or not. I don't want to blow it up lol. A guy on a forum told me those carbs are crap but that's pretty much all they sell now.

  14. I just got a john Deere and it has a fb460 engine. when I bought it the seller showed me the choke/ throttle and said keep it at idle(all the way down) and barely move it up to increase throttle. if you slide it up too much, you will flood it. when he turned it on he wasn't kidding. you barely touch the throttle up and it sounds like you slid it up to choke. what can I do to fix that issue? now it's not running, it just turns over and over.

  15. I have a 11hp Briggs engine that will not auto idle. Its on an older Simpson contractor 3000 pressure washer. When you release the nozzle trigger the engine is suppose to back off to idle. It runs full rpm. Any suggestion would be appreciated. great tutorial you posted. Refreshing to see a tutorial without all the swearing and music drowning out the tutorial.

  16. Thanks for the video, it was actually very very helpful. Question though: I have a 14hp B&S riding lawn mower engine. I'm putting it on a go-kart frame for a friend of mine, and I have seen a lot of videos that say you should remove the governor to let the engine rev higher. But as I soon figured out, the governor goes along with the oil flinger, which obviously is necessary. So how would i remove the governor w/out having to remove the flinger? Also, how would removing the governor arm on the exterior affect how the throttle does it's job? Thank you

  17. my lt2000 18.5hp the carb keeps on misfiring.i redid the carb.checked the flywheel key.didva head gasket.set the valves and its hard to start.then when it starts is misfires from the carb.the the 3rd its loud bankg carb sparks flames and misfires then it stalls.any dieas?

  18. So I have a question. I have a snow blower with a 8hp Tecumseh on it. Now do you leave the throttle control switch in the 'stop' position while doing this? I get a little nervous when messing with governers

  19. Hi there from Australia.
    Your videos are fantastic! They have given me the confidence to tackle things like this instead of paying big money for someone else to fix it. And by the way, my wife is quite impressed too. Thinks I am quite the handyman thanks to you! I owe you one?
    Just about to try process and adjust my govenor. I just fixed my one piece carburetor. I cleaned out all the jets but still wouldn't work. As it happened, it was the needle getting stuck and not dropping in and out properly. Not getting fuel. I had to drill it out slightly (in reverse) just to get a little bit more clearance. No amount of cleaning worked. Thanks heaps. Mick.

  20. Well, that is exactly what my engine is doing. I can see the governor moving when it happens, and I can get it to stop by using the manual choke until the engine warms up. But that process takes around 15 minutes and it smells like it's running rich.

  21. I like the video, but I just wish someone would make a before and after running video. I am not a mechanic, so a visual reference would help.

  22. thanks for the good videos you make. my question is I have a kolher SV590S and I just replaced the piston rings and now I am putting it back together does that work on this engine as well

  23. I have been searching for info on the throttle, choke, and governor on my riding mower. I am so glad that I found your videos. Just what I needed. You definitely do need to "keep them coming"!

  24. man I keep coming back to your vid they are the best on YouTube very helpful. keep them coming they sure do help me I appreciate your time!!!!

  25. can the GOV be adjusted to increase the speed (little bit more speed)? I am curious and learning more about it. My tractor is a UTV now and for fun with the kids. Great videos by the way!

  26. I have a 8 hp Briggs. Just put a new carb on it.The governor will go into full throttle but you can't idle it down. Everything looks in place but the arm by where you adjust the governor doesn't move all the way up not letting it go into slow speed

  27. I have a GX620 Honda 20 HP pressure washer motor that I'm putting on a go kart frame that I just bought. If I did this to the governor would it speed the kart up enough to matter or could it possibly mess up the motor?

  28. I've got a 98 Cub Cadet with a Kohler Command OHV 12.5hp engine, and I'd like to get it to go faster. I know if you adjust the governor a certain way, it allows more RPMs, which I'm assuming results in a bit more speed. So is this how you would do it?

  29. I have a briggs and stratton 15.5 motor on my riding mower. I recently had to replace the camshaft. After putting it all back together I find it runs rough . I also adjusted the valve lash. Still the same problem . I'm hoping the governor adjustment eill smooth it out. Thanks ron Mc.

  30. Very good video, thank you. Is this type of adjustment the same for a 16.5 – 17.5 HP Briggs and Stratton engine on a lawn tractor to fix over revving? And, are there any specific springs that should be replaced or checked?

  31. picked up a brand new Honda gcv160 pressure washer n that thing runs great under load but surges like a goats ass. Would adjusting the governor help? It's a fixed throttle type engine. I've already cleaned the carb and tried adjusting air/fuel with no change…just surges at idle with no load lol. Damn thing is brand new too.

  32. Of all the web pages i've gone to and about 10 videos, THIS IS BY FAR THE BEST EXAMPLE OF HOW TO ADJUST THE GOUVERNOR ON A SMALL ENGINE. Thank you for making and sharing this video. I knew it was a simple process but could never get a straight forward example of how to do the actual adjustment, everyone wants to talk about springs and how to "jimmy" springs to control idle speed… thanks for the video two thumbs up!!

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