1. Thanks for all the info it sure helps to understand how to I am sure you had alot of troule shooting experience great job and thanks again not every one can take a snow blower in for repairs due to low income or time . It's nice how you explain things I would recommend adj. To the original specs. Thanks again

  2. Thank you so much for you kindness, your altruism and your good explanations. You save me a lot of time, you give me the opportunity to learn how to do it instead of being totally dependent of a service, in a place with a shortage of mechanic technicians and where the service is so expensive and slow. You save me too hundreds of dollars and I'll be more safe as a winter storm is ahead. Thank you so much you're a great man !

  3. I removed the carb on my 5hp Tecumseh to work on it. I marked the hole on the throttle plate that the linkage was hooked to. I reinstalled it. When the engine is not running when you move the throttle lever the throttle moves, When the engine is running the governor pushes the throttle all the way down. You can manually rev the engine by pushing on the throttle plate but it goes back to low throttle when you let go.

    What did I do wrong and how do I fix it?

  4. just bought a Tecumseh 10.5 it starts great and idles no prob but when i put it in gear and run it ..it dies after a few seconds like it ran out of gas 2 pulls and it starts right up…fuel line dirt or crap in the main jet …what do you think..thanking you in advance

  5. Hey Donny, what do you reccomend, the max rpm to be set at on a Tecumseh 8hp, hmsk snowking engine at full trottle? 3600 rpm? I checked the engine on my Snapper and its running at around 3450 rpm at full throttle right now, but it needs a cleaning and slight adjustment. Its a 2002 year unit, it has an adjustable carb. Can I set it to 3600 rpm or should I leave it, what to you suggest? The machine always had lots of power and threw far, Im not sure if it was always at 3450 or if it dropped over time from heavy use? Thanks in advance.

  6. Great tutorial! You explains things very well.
    I have a problem that is a related to the throttle lever, but is a bit different. I have a 1999 Ariens model 924104-ST1028 Sno-Thro with a Tecumseh model HMSK100 159391W emgine on it. I can raise the throttle lever & increase the rpms, but as I use the snow blower the lever drops & the rpms shortly drop off. So, I have to tie off the throttle leave in the max up position while snow blowing, otherwise the rpms drop off too much to blow snow well.
    I thought the problem might be the Tecumseh 34663 Spring as you showed in the video above. When I checked it out, it looks intact, in one piece, plus it does work when increasing the rpms.
    So, what could be the cause of losing the rpms?
    Sure would appreciate some help. I would prefer not to have to buy the entire Control Bracket Assembly P/N 34677. Looking for a less expensive fix if one is available.

  7. Donyboy73: Just wanted to thank your for your excellent videos. When I started my Ariens Snow Blower this morning it was racing like crazy. NO idea why this would have occurred. I have never done anything to the carb, and it was running fine yesterday.
    Followed you instructions and was able to fix the problem by adjusting the governor arm.
    Motor ran great after that, but the unit would only throw snow a few feet and got bogged down in high drifts.
    Went back to YouTube and found your video on adjusting and replacing the V belt. Thanks to your excellent video the hardest part was finding the right belt. – I did find a cotter pin puller to be very useful in getting the belt aligned on the wheel.
    Very grateful for your help.

  8. I have a craftsman 13 hp compression seems fine new belt (both) auger/traction it has a high rev but when going through deep snow it wants to bog underload so I back off and do it in chunk wwould the linkage be off and it does have a new carb thank you

  9. so I had to run a new fuel line through my Tecumseh snowblower engine in that processed I did wind up disconnecting the governor control rod and carburetor control rod and the governor control arm was removed and this past Friday I ran that snowblower and it had melted off the exhaust where the exhaust bolts or cherry and fell off so I think that little bit on the governor which I think is what I messed up will help thank you

  10. donyboy73. Good video. My problem is that the rpm seems fine at light loads but when I get a full "bite" of snow in the intake the engine does not seem to rev up to take care of the extra load. The rpm seems just to stay the same and the snow is thrown 4 feet instead of 30 feet like it used to be. When I stop advancing the snow blower the distance comes back. Would the solution be the adjusting screw on the throttle linkage?

  11. Thanks Don!  As always, you are my go-to for my small engine issues!  As you mentioned, I replaced the carburetor and took off the governor arm for the linkages and didn't re-install it in the correct position.  At full throttle I was turning at 4200 RPM!

  12. On the engine in this video, is there a governor spring attached anywhere ? I am about to replace the carb on an identical engine. All I see is the two linkage rods hooked into top of governor rod. One to throttle lever, other to carb throttle plate. Thanks for doing the videos, they help alot of folks.

  13. Hi Donyboy73, my snowblower sometimes stalls when it revs low due to heavy snow. When it has to work harder. Like the mixture is not right. Maybe not enough gaz. But runs fine in lighter conditions. I think maybe my linkage rod to the butterly plate in not in the right hole. What do you think? What happened when you move the rod to the other holes? Thanks.

  14. I bought a replacement carburetor and holes on the plate with spring do not exactly match so I need to make a new link from Governor arm to throttle valve plate(with the retractable spring) . In the highest manual throttle position, the throttle valve plate opening should be 75%, leaving 25% room for any extra load the snowblower may see. If you max out throttle valve opening with highest manual throttle setting, then there won't be any room left. Is this correct? Also, is it okay to use big hole on plate, it will give some play. On the old carb, the connecting pin was inserted in smaller holes on the plate.

  15. hey donny , i can't find your video on you using a tachometer . could you send me the link to that one because it seemed to work quite good. if there is a tachometer you find is a good one please let me know and keep up the great videos ,THERE GREAT!!!

  16. My snow blower only runs full at throttle , when I slow it down its back fires a lot and down to idle it just dies !! Carb has been all cleaned

  17. Donyboy73,
    I am stuck! I have come across a problem that I haven't seen anyone specify or address in their videos. I must say I really appreciate all your knowledge and videos you post. They have been very helpful. The snowblower engine I'm working on is very similar to the one in this video; carb, linkage, throttle lever, and the governor. The problem that occurs is the engine bogs down when three things are happening; the wheels are being driven, the auger is spinning, and snow is being thrown. The engine doesn't seem to bog down when only the first two are happening while not throwing snow. What I have done: cleaned carb and made proper adjustments to the main jet fuel screw below the carb bowl and the idle mixture screw, checked compression (100-115psi), and pulled the underbelly of the machine to check for abnormal wear of all components (nothing obvious). Please let me know what you suggest and/or a link to one of your videos. Thank you in advance!

  18. I've adjusted the governor already, yet it still goes to the moon unless I throttle it back down manually.
    and I already fixed a broken exhaust valve keeper from the excessive rpms when my friend had it.
    As a Briggs tech , I think its time to open up this Tecumseh and check the governor gear and the arm,unless you have any other ideas sir.
    Love your videos, they've helped me out quite a bit over the years.

  19. I love your videos. I have subscribed. I have referred to this one because I have a full throttle power issue on my 8.5 hp Tecumseh. The lever adjust screw is not touching when it is turned off. Should it be touching?

  20. awesome videos. I just got a Jacobson Homelite 824 with a Tecumseh 8HP engine for free that "didn't work." Cleaned the Carburetor, changed the belts, changed the fuel line and spark plug and it runs greats. The carburetor linkage and screw adjustment videos were extremely helpful. Thanks for the good info.

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