1. Hey Mower Medic 1. Thank you for making these videos! I have a Briggs and Stratton 6.75 (same one on video) and I did just the same thing prior to seeing this vidio. I ran it for a bit, then it began to do the same thing. Idol speed jumping up and down, then it quits out. I removed carb, prayed it out with cleaner as well. Not sure what's going on now, but I can't find my dog because the lawn is so tall! Help me sir! Thank you from Gold Bar, WA

  2. Thanks!-This fixed my low rpm problem after replacing my carb. I put the spring back in the wrong spot. Runs perfect now

  3. I need help and I think I broke my lawnmower and here is my question If you did put the cord on your lawn mower put forgot to push down lever and the motor makes a clunk sound can it still start and I pulled the cord a lot of times and I don't know what to do and it started but now it was having a lot of black smoke with it and it's a craftman self pusher

  4. Or, in the case of my lawn mower that was threatening to implode due to high rpms, you blow out the mouse nest from inside the engine.

  5. Thank you for this. I had this exact problem on the exact same engine, B&S 6.5. One day, for no reason I could determine, the RPMs were low. Just watched your video, went out there, removed the top cover, and sure enough the governor had gotten bumped. I made the adjustment, and it's back and working normally. My wife just said, "I don't know why people make these videos, but thank goodness they do." I appreciate you taking the time!

  6. I have a craftsman 208cc 26" snowblower. What is the correct RPM to run the snowblower or what is the correct factory settings?

  7. I've rebuilt a few push mowers. I have an 18 h.p. B&S. For no reason after changing the oil, my control level stopped working. The motor runs wide open no matter what I do with control lever. The governor is set right. The carburetor works fine, and I even went as far as pulling the crankcase to make sure the governor was good. It runs at 4200 r.p.m., and I can;t slow it down to 3600…………..what did I miss? puzzled about this.

  8. I have this same engine on a 21" self-propelled Troybilt mower and it has impressed me for over 10 years now.
    Interesting question.
    Anticipating the eventual replacement I was looking at new Toro mowers and a feature they have is that they stand it on the rear-end to conserve floor space. Toro touts the location of the fuel tank as making this possible.
    Well looking at my Troybilt, the fuel tank on it is in the same place, the air filter, carb. and muffler are at the front of the machine and it seems to me that I could do the same thing with the mower I have.
    Obviously neither Troybilt nor BS would ever recommend this. So the question is, can you think of a reason why a guy couldn't do this? Is there anything in the crankcase, etc. that would make this not-a-good-idea?
    I thank you for your time and expertise.

  9. I'd suggest also taking a piece of wire (like a coat hanger) and bending it a couple of times to hold the flimsey tab in place. can hook it to the thicker piece that it moves with it. takes all of 10 minutes and 3 cm of wire

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