In this video I show you one way of adjusting the engine speed on a Briggs Quattro lawn mower engine. Using a tachometer to measure engine RPM is better but not always necessary.

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  1. I have a Briggs gold series 6.25 and it revs very high and I can't figure out how to idle it down. Can anyone help?

  2. This is all great and all but, you should have some way of actually checking the RPM to verify the top RPM……

  3. Hi, Tx for your video. My push mower suddenly went from being a great running mower to one that could only run at half speed. At first thought it might be about to run out of gas so I filled the almost dry tank and when I got it started it ran at what felt like half power. After your video i adjusted the spring as you showed and there was no difference in engine performance and when the engine was killed there was a bit of a backfire. Since this problem began I have changed the air filter and replaced the sparkplug. The mower is still very difficult to start and often backfires when it doesn't turn over. Do you have any suggestions? Tx much

  4. What is the recommended high rpm speed spec for one of these engines??
    I have a classic 300 series in at the moment. I put it at around 3050-3100 rpm.
    It cut descent but I feel it could still go a bit higher, whats a good max for one of those? Its on a 20 inch push mower so its only job it cut.

  5. Don, I have a new Snapper Ninja muncher with a Briggs 850 engine. It is a constant velocity system that runs at 3,450 RPMS. I would like to convert it to a manual throttle control. Is that possible? It has the bolt to hold the throttle control on the handle bar. The push mower version and the commercial version have a throttle control but not the 7800981 version. I even have the location on the plastic tray on the handle bar to put the throttle control. It appears to be an easy conversion at first blush. What do you think? The reason I want to convert it is because if I engage the transmission I better have my running shoes on.

  6. Dude you're good! The way you adjusted that spring was quick and right on the money. I can't figure out what's wrong with my Briggs push mower. I think it's the governor or carburetor. It worked great for 6 years without a problem. Gradually the last few months the mower's been stalling and now it's reached the point of not even starting unless you open the area with the carburetor and adjust some things. Even then it's still being stubborn.

  7. My quattro 4 does not do anything when I move the leaver. I noticed on your video that when you start the engine the governer moves back and puts more tension on the spring semester. Mine just sits the and there is no movement. Could the be something broken on the other side of the governer

  8. Thanks for posting this video. While mowing the lawn with my MTD/Yardman, engine speed suddenly dropped to an idle.  After watching your video and checking the mower, I noticed that the throttle control spring was missing. Lacking the proper replacement part, I used the spring from a ball point pen. The mower started right up and now runs at normal speed.

  9. i have a newer murray lawn mower that is having problems stay running and i am thinking that the throttle is shot would it be best to replace the throttle cable

  10. Thanks man, i rebuilt my mower in November last year so i hadn't tried it since, i just went out to mow and i thought all my efforts had been wasted overhauling the beast but then i noticed that spring wasn't doing jack,i actually cut it a little different than you did and of course then it was too tight so i just pulled on it, mower runs like a champ, thanks again!!!!

  11. Had the same issue. An easier and quicker way it to simply bend the bracket giving the spring more preload.
    I think I must have run into something which bent it in the first place.

  12. thanks man, am good with a wrench but was clueless to this. spark plug, oil change and air filter along with a spring clip and I have a new mower. thanks again

  13. Thank you sir!
    My lawn mower at camp started running erratically after going through some bushes. Your video showed me how to adjust the throttle but I also realized that something must have bent the metal attachment the spring was attached to and when I straightened that out it ran much better. Then I gave it just a nudge to bring it up from the factory setting.
    Thanks very much!

  14. what does the little plastic arm do that is attached to the small spring. not the throttle body – I get that.

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