HOW-TO Adjust The Engine Speed On A Generator With Tecumseh Engine & Throttle Linkage Configuration

In this video I show you the throttle linkage configuration and how to set the engine speed on a generator with a Tecumseh flathead engine.
I usually set the RPMS between 3500-3600.

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39 thoughts on “HOW-TO Adjust The Engine Speed On A Generator With Tecumseh Engine & Throttle Linkage Configuration

  1. Donyboy73 I have a 6hp tecumseh power sport on a yerf dog 3202 go kart – the governor arm has like 5 holes – what do they do starting from the highest one to the lowest?

  2. I got a 9hp briggs generator 4600 rpm continuos,,but when I plug a small air compressor to ut it will die genny down and kill it then takes for ever to restart,only once in awhile it will keep up with the load and run air compressor,ive check lots of things and still can seem to fix ,any ideas? thanks

  3. I have a similar generator that I bought a new carb for because the old one rusted. With the new carb is backfires and sputters. Any suggestions?

  4. Hello, I have a power mate maxa 5000 er generator that I was getting ready to sell. but of course I have an issue. I'm getting sparks and oil coming from the back of the coils. is there an o ring on the output shaft that causing it to leak? plus I do have it at a high idol but before I burn it up I need to find where the leak is coming from. do you have any ideas?

  5. Hi Dony, I have an 11 hp Tecumesh generator. I want to adjust the carb. Richen it up or lean it out. How do I do that if there is no screw on the bottom of the carb?

  6. donyboy73 great video I got a powerback 5250 generator and I was wondering if you could help me diagnose whats wrong with it. Ive pulled the head off and cleaned the carb. When I got this generator they said the engine was froze up, well I thought I could fix the problem by cleaning it. The fly wheel is really hard to turn but I did manage to turn it but it takes two hands and is really hard to turn. I took the coil off which I need to replace as I watched your video on testing a coil to see if it has spark. I used a new plug and tried turning the fly wheel by hands having the plug touching the metal against the engine block like in your video..No spark so I'm thinking the shaft maybe bent or something else internally is wrong. But I really don't know what is wrong with it but I know the flywheel is very hard to spin. Do you have any suggestions? I want to take the engine off of the generator but I do not know how to go about it with out damaging anything else. Heeeelp! Thanks.

  7. Tecumseh is a native American name that is pronounced Tecumsee. Not Tecumsuh. That was annoying me. Other than that, I had already tried the steps you spoke of, to no avail. Do you have any idea how I can stop the rough idle/surging?

  8. Hey Donny do you have a Tecumseh Generator lo tone barrel style muffler part 37350 available I can buy off you or know anyone who does. These Tecumseh generaotrs with the stock muffler is very loud and I would like to quite mine down a bit by installing the lo tone muffler. Thank's.

  9. Great video but I have a question. I have an old Generac PP5000 with the Tecumseh HM-1000 engine as in your video. Do you set the RPM's with no load or with a load? I set my RPM's to run about 3650 RPMs with no load however when I conect a resistive load of 3500 watts (water Heater) the engine RPMs drop to about 3300 RPM. Can or should I adjust the governor to 3600 RPMs with a load and then use the idle adjustment screw to let the engine idle to 3600 RPM with no load?

  10. Thanks for another great video. I have a Coleman Powermate Contractor 4200 that is about 20 yrs old but it ran fine up to about a yr ago. It wont start now so I started checking fuel flow. I was going to drain the tank and it hardly flows at all. Tank is really dirty and I can't get data from Coleman. No longer posting info or phone support for this PM52-4208. The tank is a 5 gal plastic. I took a chance on ordering new shutoff and gromet for another model w/ 5gal plastic tank since it might be bad or damaged when I investigate. the fuel had stabil and was hitest per donyboy's recs. Any hints on cleaning out the tank. There is lots of sediment. Any ideas appreciated. New tank is over $100 and more than I think I should spend on this machine; especially since I'm not sure it will run even with new tank. It has a new carb as of 2014.

  11. Dony, how do you adjust the speed on a rider lawn mower? I have a Troy Built rider 42" and I have noticed over the years it has been slowing down.

    Thanks, Richard

  12. I really appreciate your videos…  In an earlier video you taught me that the problem I thought I was having with the belts on my riding mower was actually due to a worn stack pulley.  I obtained a replacement and installed it, now it works perfectly again.  Thanks!

  13. great vid don, whenever i have to adjust small generators at work, i use a voltmeter to measure the output (in my country it needs to be around 230). you should do this too, as it is way more accurate than measuring the rpm's of the engine. have a good day

  14. I have to remember that because I have a Tecumseh generator and it will need that adjustment after I take off the carburetor and clean it. The unit was never started and I didn't know how to get it started.

  15. Hi DB, I have this gen. 
    I'd like to mod it two ways…
    Quieter muffler, and…
    Electric starter (starter and flywheel). 
    It's adequate for all my refrigeration and fans and lights. 
    I have my kitchen fusebox wired to an electric range cord.  The house mains goes to a 50A range plug socket, the generator goes to another next to it.  So I can swap the plug when needed. 
    It takes a few good hard pulls to start that big LOUD motor.
    TU, the Donold

  16. do you not check the frequency as well i normally set the frequency this will in turn determine the engine speed set to 62hz for us or 52hz for uk when load is applied it will drop to 60 or 50 which is normal mains frequency hope this helps

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