How to Adjust the Engine Speed on a Lawn Mower with a Briggs and Stratton Engine

How to adjust the RPM on a lawn mower. This mower was running a little slow at 2700 rpm. This video shows how to adjust the set engine speed. NOTE: I adjusted to 3150 rpm on the video. Later I dialed it back to 3000 rpm. 3150 sounded a little fast and the self propelled wheels were spinning a little to fast for me to keep up with. Use a tach to set the speed. Over-revving the engine can damage the engine or create a dangerous situation it the blade strikes a rock or comes loose.



18 thoughts on “How to Adjust the Engine Speed on a Lawn Mower with a Briggs and Stratton Engine

  1. toro with briggs and straton 190cc engine. It's the high wheel smart-stow model. Just put the tach on it tonight and it was spinning 2600 from the factor. It's a 22 inch mower so the sweet spot is 3300 rpm to get 19000 fpm. I set it at 3100/3200 and it seemed pretty happy there. Blade is sharpened and it's ready to cut tomorrow. Can't wait to see what the difference will be.

  2. Dude, I literally just walked out into my garage and found that tab on my Toro and it instantly solved my problem!
    Thank you!

  3. How do you adjust the power or get more RPM on a 2019-2020 Toro SmartStow mower. I bought one 2yrs ago and sold it recently. It worked perfectly fine. The reason I sold it was because I was thinking of getting a battery powered mower. After I realized that battery powered mowers don’t give as good of lift on the grass I was upset I already sold my Toro SmartStow. So I had to buy a new one. I got the same model, so nothing was different at all. When I got it home and out of the box, I started it up and quickly could tell the mower sounded lower in power. I took it back and got another one thinking maybe something was wrong with previous one. When I got the second one home it sounded the same as the previous one. Not sure what Toto did but they obviously lowered the RPMs. I would like to get a little more power back in the mower. Are you able to help me with this? I have no understanding of all these moving parts. I did manage to take the cover off of it and move this flat disc or turn it and heard the mower get louder. So I am a handy person. Just not sure about all these moving parts and exactly what to do. The parts on my Toro is all configured differently compared to yours. Please let me know if there is a way we can talk. Thanks I really appreciate your video. Gives me hope that I can gain a bit more power out of my mower.

  4. You do realize you can lookup the RPM of the engine online? Seems you're guessing what it has to be. I have a briggs mower that has a stock speed of 3800RPM

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