How To Adjust The Engine Speed On A Tecumseh Lawnmower Engine

In this video I show you how to increase or decrease the engine speed on a Tecumseh lawnmower engine with no throttle cable.
***Do this at your own Risk, over-revving the engine may cause it to have a catastrophic failure!***

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33 thoughts on “How To Adjust The Engine Speed On A Tecumseh Lawnmower Engine

  1. i need help with a toro gts lawnmower i had to take it apart an now i cant put it back together for the governor linkage springs for the the throttle and for the governor

  2. don, I recently obtained a toro personal pace with the Tecumseh engine and I think the person that had it before me, had to remove the governor tab to remove the linkage. I don't know why, and the tab that the linkage connected to was facing down so the spring was connected to the butterfly tab. Well after watching your video's I realized parts of the issue and corrected them, now I need to adjust the governor( possibly). I took the carb apart and cleaned it and put it back on, no issues.. but the mower will start then slowly die out.

  3. Dony, I just watched your video about the chainsaw bearings and how they can affect the performance even though you rebuilt carburetor…..well, I will be checking those tomorrow. I was stuck with 2 Poulans last year and I decided to rebuild the carbs over the winter and try to sell this spring. I did all the normal checks but never knew until I watched your video that bad bearings could affect performance like that….you described the syptoms I have been experiencing… day runs and adjusts out good, next day runs bad and have to readjust carb settings. LOL Its been driving me crazy…….Thanks for all the great videos and your small engine wisdom!! Keep them coming….

  4. Thanks for allur videos, they have been a great help. Do u have a guess as to why my toro mower 6.5 hp with the tecumseh engine will run for 30min. Then die? I just installed a new techumseh carb. New plug and air filter. It started after install then again 30 min into cutting it just dies and wont restart. What about a new gas cap?

  5. Linkage was good. I ended up bending the heck out of the tab. I was concerned about bending it too much, then I decided to go for it. It made a big difference. By bending the tab alot, I was then able to make small adjustments with the throttle screw. Thanks again. It's like a brand new, 8-year old mower!

  6. Hi Dony, thanks for the information. I did what you said and bent the tab to slow down my revs, but my mower is still revving way to high. Is there another way to decrease the revs? Your videos are awesome. I just replaced the ignition module and the mower fired right up. Thanks for everything.

  7. I replaced the float bowl like donyboy73 had recommended with a new gasket. Problem fixed for less then 5 bux plus shipping. Made this repair during a crazy blizzard we had in MA and was out of power for 5 days. She ran strong with no leaks for almost 96 hours straight with a oil change in between. Cant thank him enough. But if that fails again I may replace the carb or just get a better gen, Thanks for the #'s! 😀

  8. You can get the whole replaced with a new one for $23.99( w free shipping) on eBay, piece o cake install, fixes multitudes of issues. Search for "CARBURETOR FOR TECUMSEH 640350 640303 640271".

  9. Thanks for putting this video together. I have been trying to figure out why my lawnboy still wasn't running right even after cleaning the carb, replacing the spark plug and drive belt (all of which needed done). It finally dawned on me that I needed to crank up the RPM's but didn't know how.

  10. My lawnmower will idle but not take any throttle….any ideas? I took it off and cleaned it within an inch of its life. New gaskets. clean air filter. New gas.

  11. Hey man have this same carb on my generator. The main large float bowl gasket is leaking. I have checked the rubber gasket and there are no tears and looks ok. I have tightened the bowl back down. Do you think the bowl is getting too much gas and overflowing or do you think the seal has maybe shrunk and is no good anymore? thanks,

  12. Thanks donyboy73 for your informative videos……how do i change the primer bulb in a Tecumseh lawnmower engine …or is there anyway to repair the small holes the rubber bulb.

  13. love all your videos. I already adjusted my valves on my 1994 15hp Briggs vanguard engine per your video. I starts so easily and your video gave me the confidence to do the job. I also helped a friend with his boat motor. I have a ? about my Vanguard. The engine speed is too low and when I cut grass with the rider it literally shreds the blades. I have two of the snapper riders. The other is a 14 hp and at full throttle the rpm's are way above the 15hp. How do I adjust the top speed on the 15hp?

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