How To Adjust The Governor On A Tecumseh Horizontal Shaft Engine with Taryl

In “Shop Swap” Taryl and do-it-yourself fix-it-guy Bob, swap shop lives for 2 weeks. They have to learn to adapt to each other’s shops, or not. Be sure to stick around until after the fix for the exciting conclusion! Taryl will be showing you how to properly set the governor on a Tecumseh horizontal shaft engine, some handy information for all you Grass Rats at home. And There’s Your Dinner!!

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46 thoughts on “How To Adjust The Governor On A Tecumseh Horizontal Shaft Engine with Taryl

  1. I enjoy watching the videos but why the teeth and all the extra stuff? You know what your doing that is without a doubt. I would enjoy your videos more if you just acted like a mechanic that knows their stuff. Your very good at your job.

  2. 4 starters bob has bad teeth…taryl will fix them for him…taryl fixes all…:) he will even work on the governor's teeth…:/

  3. Can you help me fix my governor? Only thing I know about it is it's a Jay inslee on a Washington state. I believe it's a Democrat shaft.

  4. Thank you! I tinkered around the whole day last week. It would not start at all. So I cleaned the carb. It started on second pull but it would rev extremely high. I couldn't get it run normal. I almost gave up and was going to buy a new snowblower (bought mine used 13 years ago. Its got to be at least 20 years old). I spend some time searching for a repair video and this is the only one I found that explained how to adjust the governor. I must have installed the governor linkage arm improperly. Its running well now. Thanks again.

  5. Excellent just changed carb, and spring from throttle assembly is missing or broken, so was playing around too much. Now that I know how to set the governor arm, will be a sinch. Nice teeth btw lol

  6. Well that was awesome that made a subscriber out of me I've been watching now for a few and these tips have my go-kart running like a beast thanks man keep up the good work

  7. Hi Taryl, first time i used my snowblower this year, 8.5hp Tecumseh, i couldnt run it off choke. Had to keep it t half choke. Remove carb, cleaned everything real well, replaced a bad o-ring on the emulsion tube, reinstalled everything, now it runs off choke, but only runs well at full throttle. When you put the throttle down to low speed idle, it runs really low almost stalling and really high. It keeps cycling back and forth slowly. Any idea what is wrong?
    Its the non adjustable carb.
    Love your vids!

  8. excactly what i was looking for, I upgrade an old Canadiana, have changed the two belt, and a aftermarket carburator, and cleaned the gastank and hose so no dirt come in carburator, your video explain it all , thanks for youtube

  9. So what about when it surges? When Taryl starts the motor at 10:35 after he gets the choke off, its surges back and forth and you can see the governor linkage moving. That is the problem I'm having. How do we fix that Taryl?

  10. Dang ya got the girl too ! So maybe ya could ship Jr down to yar new shop and live happily ever after! THE END ! P.S.- did Bob have any good tools for sale ?

  11. I've done this but my guy still hunts like a (word that rhymes with hunt).. should I increase the tension on my gov spring? Hunts at WOT but happy low speed idle. Carb is rebuilt clean.

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