( HOW TO ADJUST VALVES) FIX HARD TO START Lawn Tractor with OHV Briggs Engine- MUST SEE- Part 1/2

Is your tractor hard to turn over and only turns with the spark plug out? Then you MUST WATCH this video.
Torque at inch pounds

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37 thoughts on “( HOW TO ADJUST VALVES) FIX HARD TO START Lawn Tractor with OHV Briggs Engine- MUST SEE- Part 1/2

  1. Donyboy73…Thank you so much for this video! I had the identical problem you showed on your video and frankly, I would still be wondering what to do next…after I bought the starter. I followed your video and the B&S engine started immediately. You saved me some cash and more importantly a lot of time and hassle! Thanks again.

  2. Thank you very much indeed for those two videos; I can imagine how much trouble you went to to make them.

    I live in France and have a 3 year old 'Wheeling' tractor mower (made in Italy) with a B&S engine, model no. 31A707. Two days ago it just wouldn't start and, to be honest, it had played up a little on starting from cold the week before too.

    I rang my my local dealer who told me it would be at least 3 weeks before he could even look at it. Plus there was the problem of getting it onto my trailer with a dead engine. So I did some research, found your videos, and within two hours, I had the problem fixed.

    Why two hours? Well, Itried the adjustments three times with no joy. Then I realised that I had forgotten the bit about going 1/4 past TDC. Once I'd done that, all was perfection and the engine now runs sweet as a nut.

    Thanks again. You have a new and very grateful subscriber!

  3. Fantastic instructions. keep up the excellent work. BTW, are you holding the screw driver's head vertically or horizontally? Sorry, if it is rudimentary question.

  4. Donyboy, thank you so much for your videos! They have been very useful. My question is what model of MTD Mower is in the video here. My sister has this exact mower but I need to find the model to order pieces. Any help would be great. Thanks again.

  5. how can I make an engine test stand without putting engine on a mower, mainly the wiring I got a stand plan just need to know how to rig up wiring? Thx

  6. I have riding mower with B&S engine (Model 31A607 Type 0741, Code B2 080303ZD)on it and it does pop and get too hot after mowing it for 10 minutes. This engine has plastic fan attached to flywheel for air circulation which losses its blade or two every time I use it. Half of the fan blades are broken. It is a old engine and starts right away. I hate to get rid off it. Please advise on this issue so I can learn how to fix small engine.

  7. I have read that my 22 HP Briggs V-twin ELS series valves should be adjusted at 1/4" past TDC. Is that correct for this engine? Thanks.

  8. 1999 Craftsman riding mower won't stay running on changing spark plug and clean my air filter and still wont stay running what's the problem

  9. +donyboy73
    I've adjusted my valves twice. Once at dead top center and the other when one valve is open and the other closed per your other video . Each time I try spinning the flywheel with my hands and it is very hard. Take the plug out and it is no problem. Any ideas?

  10. Dude. I've looked at a lot of videos and this one was for the common man. Thank you. Mine was doing the same thing. I followed your instruction and it runs beautiful. Battery, starter and solenoid were all fine. BTW, my mower is an old14.5 I/C OHV Briggs by Wizard with a 42" cut.

  11. Anyone know the model number of this mower? I am having the same problem, so ill be doing the valve adjustment later this week. I bought mine off of craigslist and the model must of been ripped off. I just need the model number for future issues.

  12. Thanks for posting this video.  After two years on not being able to start my 2009 Troy Bilt mower without jumper cables, this adjustment fixed it!  I went through several batteries over the past two years and recently replaced the starter without any improvement.  I finally took it to a local repair shop to fix the "starting issue".  However, the service tech just lied to me about needing a new starter, rats nest in the engine cover etc. and refused to fix it.  Instead he tried to sell me a new mower. 
    This procedure is so easy to do on a Briggs & Stratton OHV engine.  All you need is a good feeler gauge, torque wrench etc.  It only took about 20 minutes to remove the valve cover, check the valve lash (mine was at 0.020 inches or five times out of spec) and adjust as per the instructions in the video.  One small problem I ran into is that the adjustment stud came loose at the base of the push rod.  That can be tightened with a 10mm wrench.  The main adjustment nut requires a 5/8 inch wrench.  After carefully adjusting the valve lash to 0.004 inches on both valves, I put replaced the valve cover and it started on the first try.  I also noticed that the engine runs smoother now.

  13. I buy HONDA small engines, and have never had to adjust the valves. If it doesn't start by the 2ND pull ,STOP you're doing something wrong!

  14. I see that the valves are at the front of that tractor….My MTD tractor has an IC 17 TWIN II engine. I see that I have two spark plugs, one on the left and one on the right. Does that mean I have two 'sets' of valves? If so, do I do the same thing you did on this video, only one set of valves at a time? Thanks for your help!

  15. I had a Briggs & Stratton 20 hp Intek engine and is hard to turn over and only turns with the spark plug out? I have 2 set the valves on the engine and have lower it to .003 and it still does the same thing. What do you suggest ? New valves or new head?

  16. This is the EXACT issue I have on our 12hp and 17hp BS motors. Repair place wants to charge me for a new started and ground cable…I love all your videos, keep them coming! I got a STIHL 261 chainsaw after watching how easy it was for you to change the pump, etc. Subscribed and have been for a while! Thanks again!

    EDIT: I have a 283707 BS 12 HP engine and it doesnt appear to have OHV. Do you have a video on how to adjust valves for this type of engine?

  17. Great video. I've adjusted the valves, double and triple checked them but it still won't turn over with the starter. When starter gets to the point of opening the ex, it stops dead until you manually turn the flywheel. help!

  18. I have a craftsman dyt 4000, 18.5 hp ohv briggs & stratton engine, I've fixed a couple main issues on it, but it still is hard to start after adjusting the valves, help please

  19. I have a 2004 Yard Machine MTD I've had since it was new I have done maintenance on this sucker for its whole life span it runs Great Cuts great all of a sudden I can't run it off choke, what is my problem?

  20. I have a 2004 Yard Machine MTD I've had since it was new I have done maintenance on this sucker for its whole life span it runs Great Cuts great all of a sudden I can't run it off choke, what is my problem?

  21. +Donyboy73 We adjusted the valves, replaced the battery, and even put a new flywheel-key in, but the engine still is hard to start and runs very rough. The 14.5hp Briggs had all the symptoms of misadjusted valves and off-timing. Please help Donyboy!

  22. Donboy awesome vid, having the same problem will be sure to follow your instructions Thank You SOOOO much brother!

  23. What else could cause too much compression? I did what you showed in the video and it still doesn't turn over, but it does act the same way you showed.

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