( HOW TO ADJUST VALVES) FIX HARD TO START Lawn Tractor with OHV Briggs Engine- MUST SEE- Part 2/2

Torque is 45 inch pounds not foot pounds as I mistakenly mention.

Is your tractor hard to turn over and only turns with the spark plug out? Then you MUST WATCH this video.
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47 thoughts on “( HOW TO ADJUST VALVES) FIX HARD TO START Lawn Tractor with OHV Briggs Engine- MUST SEE- Part 2/2

  1. My small engine Honda 5.5hp ohv cant start,no compression and the ex-valve is stuck..do i need to replace the ex-valve & valve guide?

  2. Does anyone know about how much a shop charges to do this? Don't they make a top center Gage type thing that screws into the plug hole to make sure it is at TDC?

  3. Having terrible time with adjusting the values..I noticed the set nut on video actually is smaller, thus allowing you to adjust the valves to proper setting. The set nuts on my BS (John Deere D100) are much larger thus every time I attempt set the gap the nut pushes the rocker arm causing me to lose the setting..causes the gap to close. Why in the hell would JD/BS sell something that would prohibit adjustment. Good grief…Have you ever seen this before?

  4. very good video thank you i was having the same problem put on a new starter to only have the same problem mine is a 18.5 i will be trying this tomorrow thanks

  5. I bought a mower that did not run, with the idea of fixing it.Cleaned the carb, new gas, cleaned the magnito, checked the spark. Still no run. I found a forum that said to set the valves.
    Your video happened to be the exact same engine as mine. 10 minutes later, it runs great. THANK YOU!

  6. donyboy – you're a man after my own heart. I like your attitude and it's refreshing to find someone who wants to educate the public to perform these repairs themselves.

    I worked on everything from K&B 40 engines to Deutz and Detroit Diesels and more in 53+ years as a mechanic, and it amazes me that so few people will actually take the time to diagnose things before throwing money at a job in ignorance.

    Good on ya! Keep up the fine work.

  7. verry good video. easy to listen to. i really like the warning you gave about dishonest mechanics. automobile dealers are also bad about cheating people who know nothing about cars. a mechanic who worked for all major dealers said every dealer he ever worked for cheated . so beware.

  8. fantastic I have the same kind of lawn mower slightly newer version it has a 13.5 horsepower motor but it looks exactly like that one I know what to do mine is about 5 years old and it has a little kick back when you try to start it thanks for posting this video very helpful

  9. Dude, if I had only seen this video 2 weeks ago I could have saved myself a lot and I mean a LOT of heartache. I swapped out solenoid, starter, and removed and tested every switch on my mower chasing what I thought was an electrical problem. Turns out to be just what you covered. Thanks for the video. It has helped me finally discover the real problem. Hey I also just swapped out the transaxle. Do you have any tips for adjusting correctly.?

  10. thanks man, you saved me alot of time and aggravation. adjusted to .004 with a $7 investedment. Jump started with my car and it fired up. Now maybe ill invest in that battery and ignition switch which has been badly needed and procrastenated.

  11. This corrected the problem I had for 7 years. Never knew the engine needed a valve adjustment and it was easy to perform. Engine was so hard to turn over because the compression was not released by the valves so I had to turn the engine over by hand several times before the starter could turn it over. After the valve adjustment it works great – thks

  12. Thanks for posting this video.  After two years on not being able to start my 2009 Troy Bilt mower without jumper cables, this adjustment fixed it!  I went through several batteries over the past two years and recently replaced the starter without any improvement.  I finally took it to a local repair shop to fix the "starting issue".  However, the service tech just lied to me about needing a new starter, rats nest in the engine cover etc. and refused to fix it.  Instead he tried to sell me a new mower.  This procedure is so easy to do on a Briggs & Stratton OHV engine.  All you need is a good feeler gauge, torque wrench etc.  It only took about 20 minutes to remove the valve cover, check the valve lash (mine was at 0.020 inches or five times out of spec) and adjust as per the instructions in the video.  One small problem I ran into is that the adjustment stud came loose at the base of the push rod.  That can be tightened with a 10mm wrench.  The main adjustment nut requires a 5/8 inch wrench.  After carefully adjusting the valve lash to 0.004 inches on both valves, I put replaced the valve cover and it started on the first try.  I also noticed that the engine runs smoother now.

  13. hi. I been working on my brother 17.5 rideing lawn mower model type 31p707 I put new starter new fuel filter new battery new headgasket and valve adjusted intake 003 exhaust 005 and wount trun on then I tried 005 intake and exhaust side 007 and still wount trun over please help

  14. My neighbor is giving me a 1998 Murray lawn mower with a 18hp Tecumseh engine. I can't find a picture or video or anything else about the darned thing. I was wondering if you have a video of one. It must be a strange animal.

  15. By the way, I thought he might just be mistaken, but he gave me the manual and the manual of course has no photos of the unit either.

  16. each time I need to get good information on this subject, donyboy73,  comes through in flying colors,   the best,  regards

  17. Hi …I keep coming back to this video but I am still at a loss on how you know you are on TDC on the compression stroke? I have a Kawasaki FH451 V that is giving me fits about starting and I really think it is the valve adjustment although I have have adjusted them several times. I am thinking that maybe I am not really getting the adjustment done on the compression stroke. Thanks again to your excellent channel here.

  18. Thank you… I banged my head against this one for a good while til I got tired of hooking up 3 batteries every time I wanted to start the darn thing..! 😉 Took out starter to test and all (don't know why I didn't think to take out the plug first, out of practice I guess)… This valve adjustment fixed it… And I'm guessing same for my twin OHV as well when I get around to it… Thank you, thank you… Ya, I was wondering about that foot pounds thing too… The small screw and torque wrench tipped me off to inches but I just made them snug plus a little.. Also just felt my way to .004+… Just barely loose… We're not racing 1/4 mile here… ;)

  19. Excellent videos! Thank you very much for demonstrating how to do this. Very well done and thoroughly explained. Thanks again. – Derek

  20. Good video but the reason I clicked on your video was to see how to take it to Top Dead center which you never spoke about.

  21. Spot on. As Americans – Capitalism is good because it make products and services cheaper, Moreover, Greedy Service providers always overcharge claiming "I must pay for equipment and personnel". You are honest and a true American citizen. There is still hope for Man-kind. I will pass this forward."Hoo-Ah!!

  22. Best how-to on the net !!! Thanks donyboy73. I thought the starter was faulty. 12.5v with no load and 5.5v under starting load. Almost impossible to turn engine by hand. My small motor service centre told me it was the valve clearances not the starter but I had no idea how to adjust them until now.

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