21 thoughts on “How to adjust valves on a ohv briggs and stratton engine

  1. thanks for the video man it runs fantastic now even with a brand new battery would barely moves open up the cover and the valve is loose as hell did my adjust and bam fired right up

  2. Very good i noticed that you didn't have to use a torque wrench or a crow wench to do this job im working a scott push mowers it's a Tecumseh the valves clearance needs to be set on one video i seen this guy use a crow foot wench and a torque wrench to adjust the valves and you did yours the normal way without all the complicated tools

  3. I have a honda gx240 8hp with OHV. Its an older pressure washer from 1989. I looked up the specs and intake=.15mm and exhaust=.2mm. The intake valve was already to spec. The exhaust valve tappet was way in, it has no play, no gap or anything. The motor was at TDC. When i put the exhaust tappet at .2mm clearance the engine became difficult to turn over, almost impossible. When i put the exhaust valve back in to where it was it works ok, but is hard to start and runs a little rough. Why is the exhaust valve tappet needing to be pushed way in at TDC?

  4. When I try to start my mower it will make a thud noise flywheel moves a half turn then locks. what could be the problem Briggs & Stratton 12.5, I have checked all of these, battery fuse, spark plug, fuel and oil

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