20 thoughts on “How to adjust valves on an OHV Briggs

  1. Thank you for the video, it was very helpful and thanks for the reference to the donyboy video. The 2 of you got me through my repair

  2. Hi, a friend's 20hp Intek in a John Deere L120 is not starting without starting fluid. It will run fine after getting started. If it is shut off and then restarted it will start again. If you wait about 3 minutes it won't start on it's own. I've ran carb cleaner without luck (Sea Foam). Would this be a valve problem? It has 225 hours on it. Please advise. cjgraber74@gmail.com

  3. I don't understand the top dead center thing.  So while you are spinning the motor, is it when the spring/piston is fully extended out, right before it starts to go back in… is that top dead center?

  4. Yes i like this video because you had your camera very close up and you can see everything also i notice one valves up and one valves down the valves that is up top dead center you adjust first and then you turns the flywheel until top dead center again for the exhaust valves top dead center and adjust that valves what about the 6.5hp push lawnmower do you set the valves at the same gauges of 004

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