How to align Briggs & Stratton engine timing gears

VID 20170908 234301538 Briggs engine timing gear

This video shows you how to properly line up both the engine crank timing gear and the camshaft timing gear so the engine will run properly. There is a timing mark on each gear, which must be lined up properly or else the engine will not run or will run very poorly. The cam gear is plastic, so be careful when handling it. It has a notch that must be lined up with the dot on the crank gear.

Model 10L902 0110 E1 gasoline engine small power 4-stroke

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5 thoughts on “How to align Briggs & Stratton engine timing gears

  1. Man…I just went through taking this same engine apart twice with no luck in getting it running nicely. The first time it sputtered and never got up to speed, then I realized I threw it back together without setting the timing.
    So I took it back apart after that realization and set the timing just as you did here… And now it won't even start. I'm stumped, the carb is clean as well as the filter and new spark plug. The flywheel key is new and the flywheel went on easily. Any ideas?

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