How To Break In a New or Rebuilt Engine

In this video, we go over the proper way to break in your new, or rebuilt engine. This is vital to the engine, to ensure the longevity of it, and to get maximum power. Thank you for watching! Feel free to comment, rate, and subscribe.

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14 thoughts on “How To Break In a New or Rebuilt Engine

  1. I put new main bearings in my windstar and started it up w assembly lube for a minute at idle! I'm just hoping it's not to late 4 my bearings to break it properly! An engine won't run properly if it's not primed properly and will knock anyway even w assembly lube if started up w/o being primed and will still knock 4 a while if broken into b/c the oil is still lubing the parts right?!

  2. purchasing a new car and the dealership has to transfer it from another dealership.  unfortunately it is going to be driven.  I expressed my concern about proper break in to the worker.  In your opinion, do you think it will be ok for the new engine to drive 1 or 2 hours about 1/4 side streets and 3/4 highway?  Once the car is in my possession, I will obviously make certain I vary the rpms for awhile and do the proper oil changes.  Thanks for any opinion.

  3. I tend to disagree with the "nice and easy" approach to break in. You want the rings to seat using the high pressure that comes from running it hard, and in your case, boost. Though maybe not maxing out the boost controller. This is the way that all aircraft engines are broken in, and the way I break in engines also, run em hard! (After 20 minutes of cam break in)

  4. how should you drive for the 800 to 1000 miles? obviously I would imagine to be light on the engine. but how light exactly?

  5. I just disconnected my coil and pulled my fuel pump relay for breaking it in for the first time. So after 3000 miles, I want to run synthetic on my 350 small block, its not a race truck, but I do race it from time to time, should I run 20W50 synthetic or can I go a little lower.

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