20 thoughts on “How To: Briggs & Stratton Carburetor Bowl and float easy fix what to inspect and clean

  1. All the ones I have access to (3 12hp, 2 11hp, all on old riding mowers) have this carb. Sorry about the misinformation. Will still work for most bowl and float setups 🙂

  2. If you want a new one, you could get a parts diagram (briggs & stratton web site) and look for that part number on ebay. Be warned they are very expensive. I got my replacement carb from a bone yard, just be sure you bring your original so that you get the same type.

  3. Yep, it was. I ended up cleaning it again this spring from more rust. They make the pin that holds the float out of some sort of iron that rusts, yet everything else is either brass or aluminum. Seems intentional to me 🙁

  4. @zcomputerwiz change the pin with annother or make one out of vrass, i have the same one as you and i replaced it never had to do anything yet, hope it helps 🙂

  5. Wow…. typical backyard mechanic with NO REAL KNOWLEDGE of smal engines. Just an idiot with a camera. The best part is the use of a crescent wrench to tighten the float bowl!

  6. @wreckrman2 While not ideal, a crescent wrench does the job. I don't understand your reason for name calling. I feel the information I provided was accurate and helpful, unlike what one would gather from an 'idiot' with 'no real knowledge of small engines'.

  7. that's one of the worst B&S carbs i have seen. I had one just about as bad… it is very difficult to get them back into proper working order after this happens. you can get it to run enough to mow with but it's very hard to get a nice smooth idle and snappy revs and easy starts after this happens. Someone could probably soda blast the body (plug up the needle seat so that doesn't get damaged) to get it all cleaned up.

  8. Ok thank you for this video.I have a 11.5 B&S rear mounted snapper,it has a commersel endustrel moter on it and it won;t stay on and running can you give me some advice.dose the card need cleaning the way you show here or is it some eles???please excuse my spelling.

  9. You fail to mention how to set the needle valve. When I turn the engine over gas sprays out of the bowl like crazy. Do I tighten the valve or loosen it?

  10. The needle valve should be turned in until it stops (finger tight), than backed off 1 1/4 turn. This should be enough to start the engine, you should then fine tune the idle when warm.
    If gas is pouring out of the bowl, your bowl gasket may be misaligned. Double check to make sure your bowl nut is tight.
    If gas is pouring out of the carb or exhaust, your float may be sunk or the float needle may be stuck open from debris. Make sure there is no liquid in the float and check it for cracks.

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