How to build a 60MPH MOBILITY SCOOTER #1-Frame

This is the most indepth guide to building your own super mobility scooter with a top speed of 60MPH, now you might not set a new world record but its the cheapest and most coolest looking way to build these and 60mph is fast enough ha.

Part 2

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44 thoughts on “How to build a 60MPH MOBILITY SCOOTER #1-Frame

  1. I have been a double amputee for a few years now. I went through hell just to get a wheelchair. No one gives much away for free these days

  2. Yep I need one of these… I could go anywhere. I can just imagine sitting at a crosswalk waiting for a car to pass and just burning the tires waiting

  3. Use it anywhere and get nicked for no insurance, no mot ,no tax, unroadworthy vehicle, but you will get a few months in prison , free of charge , lol then you can make as many silly noises as you like, ya goon.

  4. Hello mate I have got the got the exactly same one as you do you think it will be possible to put electric motor and what do u think would be the best way to do it as I want it so i can flick it into electric

  5. It's nice but you remodel the entire scooter. It's not a scooter any more it's a go-cart. Your suppose to still be able to run around town as what you end up with it's illegal. In town you go at turtle speed and on the highway you can open it up but it's suppose to still pass as a disabled scooter. I like the fact that it can go 60 mph but you would blow your cover if you tried that in town.

  6. Wearing a tie is a nice touch, but GOD HELP YOU if it gets caught in a grinder. In fact, there is so little concern for basic safety that the video can serve as a WHAT NOT TO DO clinic. The mobility scooter IS quite rad. 👍

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