How To Bypass The Governor On A Lawn Mower Engine

Mechanical governor’s are installed on lawn mower engines as a means to limit the amount of air/fuel mixture entering into the engine. By limiting the air/fuel mixture, the engine speed (RPM) is also restricted and limits the amount of power the engine can make. This short video will show you how to bypass the mechanical governor on a typical Briggs & Stratton lawn mower engine. Be mindful however, that long term use without the governor can reduce the longevity of the engine as well as increase fuel consumption. Enjoy!



11 thoughts on “How To Bypass The Governor On A Lawn Mower Engine

  1. You are over revving the motor by bypassing the governor like that a recipe for disaster .Bent Valves /Broken Con Rod/Seized Bearings ………

  2. There is no reason to bypass a governed on a push lawn mower. What's gonna happen is this thing will run away on you and blow the piston through the cylinder. I know from experience,

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