28 thoughts on “how to bypass the governor on a predator 212 engine

  1. What the actual crap kinda rig job is that?
    Holy Crap!
    Thats not any simpler at all. The ACTUAL way the cable is supposed to go has a bolt that holds the cable. Not a zip tie mess that will eventually come loose.
    You know the REASON people remove the Governor is because on that engine is because when it goes on a go kart it will be limited to only about 12 miles per hour with the governor on it. It will do double that with the Governor off. The engine is way over governed for use for things like log splitters and stuff. Works fine for them. Governor needs removed for go karts though.

  2. First of all The governor still going to engage second of all it is much easier just to remove the side of the case and pop the gear off

  3. Now the way you have it hooked up let’s say you have the throttle cracked wide open the spring you put in to return the throttle really won’t be strong enough to keep the Governor from being engaged with the added throttle as you open it up. What’s to stop it when you’re on full throttle no return spring! Correct me if I’m wrong?

  4. This just puts stress in the governor. This doesn’t bypass it. You probably had your plastic internal gear explode on you. If you unhook everything from that governor arm and hook your throttle directly to the butterfly on the carb then that bypasses it. Still will over rev and blow apart the internal governor gear and ruin your engine. Gotta take it all apart and remove the gears that aren’t needed and remove the governor post and plug the hole with a tap and bolt. This here is just a dumb way to get a bunch of unknowledgeable people to ruin their engines

  5. You didn't bypass anything. ..all you did was get rid of the acceleration arm!!! The governor is there for RPM damage control. ..and they do BLOW UP…I use to run FUNWAY USA out of Foxboro and East Bridgewater. … as well as F1 Boston… I've seen first hand what HACK SO CALLED MECHANICS such as you have done to these little motors …they will and do detonate just like a little bomb… I've seen right in the middle of a go kart race ..one of these blow up and sending the piston and arm right out the back of the block and hit a little girl in a 2 seater go kart with her dad…. ripped her head and left side of her neck pretty deep with shattered aluminum parts…. DON'T MESS WITH THE GOVERNOR !!!!!!!

  6. This, their, right hire, right there, this in there, just take it off right there and this….thro it right their. Young grasshopper show someone how to… and what they are doing and why they are doing it.

  7. What I did to hold the cable in place is secured it in the cable clamp closest to the arm, and put the cable around and into the arm hole. And then I took a bolt and nut to clamp the cable in the spot I wanted. Rode my minibike real hard today and had no problem.

  8. Gears, I did this to my 30 horse twin with no catastrophic failure. My predator engine gets the same treatment, actually install mikuni 28$ without any problems. Let us know your experience with this modification.

  9. did this earlier today it gives you about no throttle movement on the twist throttle of a mini bike DONT RECOMMEND

  10. I use to heat led in a old pan and at the right temperature (as its cooling down) I would keep dipping the cable end until i got the size ball i wanted,did the same when making bell sinkers,

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