HOW-TO Chainsaw Carburetor Rebuild – Jonsered 2071

Is your saw running poorly and hard to get that carburetor adjusted properly? If so you might need to rebuild the carburetor!

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34 thoughts on “HOW-TO Chainsaw Carburetor Rebuild – Jonsered 2071

  1. Hi great video, in the Husqvarna factory we were not allowed to snip of the fuleline like that. We had to use a pair of scissors, just the same type you use to cut dog's claws… else the rubber could crack and might eventually slip off.

  2. Nice to see this procedure. Inlet valve spring is important:) Good tip on cutting off a bit of the fuel line when reconnecting it. Thanks and have a good weekend!

  3. I live down here in the U.S. in Connecticut. I am very lucky to have access to gasoline with ZERO Ethanol close by in New York state only 30 minutes away. I just installed a new carb. kit for the carb in my Stihl BG85 hand held blower – I bought the blower brand new and have never run it on gasoline containing ethanol – it is 12 years old and the carb components were 100% original. For everyone reading this comment – Try to use gasoline that does not contain Ethanol – it is amazing how destructive ethanol is !

  4. hi just subscribed your channel , you already save me at least a 100 bucks , of course it is Canadian $ , a case of Moosehead is on the way , ps from the sub. of Toronto, much appreciated !

  5. thanks, i would be curious on what the difference is on the funcitions of the 2 diaphrams. i thought the black rubbery type one was the fuel pump.
    keep up the good work.

  6. Wow, really nicely built machine. Maybe just because it's older, but it seems better built in many ways than some of the other name brand saws.


  7. Dony I remember my dad using sae 40 when I was a young boy before he would begin to saw wood prior to winter. 45+ years ago….. You do a great job with the videos…. I learn a lot!!! Brian in NC

  8. I am so old I remember sae30w in chainsaws. the oldest two cycle oil I still have is an oil named Staymix, which I used to by at my stihl dealer in Fitzgerald, ga. it was good oil and I used a ton of it through the years, usually at 40:1 in my Husqvarna and Poulan saws. back then, we were not to finicky about which oil we used – only that we mixed it properly. now we have to be very clinical with every tank of two cycle gas we make. I use nothing but stihl Ultra oil in all my two cycle gas and the oil is measured, exactly, at 2.6 ounces per gallon of premium non-ethanol gas. in the old days I just dumped the one gallon can of two cycle oil it in the gas can and pumped one gallon, more or less, of regular gas in the can

  9. Donny, I've always fixed carbs with floats/needles. Does the movement of the diaphragm going in and out, work the same as the float lifting and dropping? If so, how does the movement occur with no fluid to lift the diaphragm? Pressure?

  10. Years ago tools called for different fuel to oil ratios. I have an old Sears Craftsman leaf blower / vac that calls for 16 to one. Still runs great!

  11. I have a question I have a stihl fs90r trimmer and work till you give it full throttle I have checked the spark arrestor and it was good I have cleaned the card I do not know what to do

  12. I bought new John Deere d130 lawn tractor last fall only put 10 hrs on it, this year when I started it the engine surges. They tell me carb must be cleaned, any suggestions? Do I have to take carb apart?

  13. Hi Donnie, I noticed when you placed gaskets and diaphragm s, on one side diaphragm went on first then gasket, but other side is reversed. Is that proper or does it matter? Thanks,, good video .

  14. hi have a 1999 350 husqvarna chain saw that has been sitting for a long time it won,t start its getting spark but seems to be flooding out what should i do

  15. Donnyboy  Gooday !! A  hey  were can I get that  Walbro float depth gauge is that for most or all of them.!!!  man that would have saved me a lot of quessing..!  anyway  love ya vids bud  learned A lot ..always wrenchin..

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