How to Change Oil on Troy Bilt Pony Mower

What you will need:
-Approx. 2 quarts of motor oil
-Oil Drain Sleeve
-Cresent Wrench or Socket & Ratchet
-Empty Milk Jug
-Funnel (optional and recommended)
-Rags or paper towels

I live in a hotter area and the manual recommends SAE 30 oil, colder climates should use different oils. Always be careful when messing with potentially hot oil. And dispose of your used oil properly.



14 thoughts on “How to Change Oil on Troy Bilt Pony Mower

  1. Good video, if you were to put in a 1/2 by 4" brass or galvanized pipe in there than you can plug it with a 1/2 plug. Then next time you got the plug sticking out and makes it easier to drain the oil. Just clamp the pipe & hold it from moving and turn the plug counterclockwise. Much cleaner & easier.

  2. I do not recall having a drain sleeve with my mower … this is a great instructional video and I truly appreciate it.  Don't feel so 'lost' now as I attempt to change the oil. Thanks so much

  3. Feel a lot better now.  I thought I was doing it wrong so looked it up.  Couldn't get the lug to turn so stopped.  Now I know.  Thanks

  4. Thank you so much; I bought mine new last year and it was the last one at my local Lowe's. I did not get a manual and this video has been awesome with what I needed to get done! I live in Stillwater, OK and if you want to message me on twitter I am @damenchipguy I do some theater box office analysis and I find it important to get all points of view for what I do.

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