9 thoughts on “how to change the oil in a power washer

  1. The snap on manual says to only use non detergent 30 weight oil, but auto oil (Castrol) has detergents in it, don't detergents and additives in oil make it a lot better than simply oil?
    Also I can't find how to drain the oil on a Snap On 870599 pressure washer. Help, thanks.

  2. the reason they say not to use detergent oil is because dirt and metal say in the ambient oil and do not tend to settle also the is additives in other oils to help oil flow and stuff like that and those additives tend to break down over time in air cooled engines (run hotter no pressure lubrication causing the oil not to cling to metal surfaces as well there is no oil filter on most small engines ) IMO any oil is good as long as its clean and changed regularly …

  3. Nice video, thanks for posting it. I want to do the right thing yet there is always some conflicting advice. Maybe there are different rules for different brands/engines? I have a Honda GX390 and the manual states "Use 4-stroke automotive detergent oil." It appears that 10W-30 automotive detergent oil is used for general/normal use and SAE 30 when the outside temp is going to be over 100 degrees F. Then if temps are very cold you are suppose to use 5W30 automotive detergent oil. Then I have heard others say to use non detergent oil… like I said, confusion! I have also heard people say to always use SAE 30 unless the temps are very cold because it offers better heat protection than the general use, all around use 10W30. I currently use Castrol 10W30, but may switch to Castrol SAE 30W HD Heavy duty oil.

  4. I have a Craftsman 3400 psi 11.50 torque engine, similar to the one in the video. I do have two yellow oil oil caps, do you fill on the opposite side and keep the other open until the oil comes out? Also, could it be that there are two oil drain plugs on opposite sides or the only as shown on the video? Good video Thank you.

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