How to change your Briggs & Stratton’s engine oil

This video shows you how to change the engine oil in your Briggs & Stratton engine. All you need is a floor mat, oil drain pan and a plastic bag. Insert the plastic bag under your cap to prevent fuel spillage. Remove the dipstick. Tip the mower on its side, away from from the side with the carburettor. Drain the oil through the oil filler tube. Remember to only use SAE 30 oil. You should change you engine oil once a year or every 50 hours.



23 thoughts on “How to change your Briggs & Stratton’s engine oil

  1. Thanks for your video, it was very helpful. My question to those Lazy, Greedy Manufacturers who are also trying to turn a profit and save money. What happened to the " Drain Plug" ? Doing it this way is messy and your not always sure you have all the oil drained. It's a blessing their not making car engines. Oh!!!! I forgot, that's probably next. Thanks for the Tutorial.

  2. Hi
    you don't need to tip your mower over Briggs & stratton have a pump to change the oil no mess at all you should buy one and before you change the oil you should start the mower for a couple of minits first

  3. um yeah since mowers don't have filters you need to get ALL the oil out and without a drain plug it's near impossible. Come on manufacturers use some common sense and bring back the drain plug.

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